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Blokchain 4.0 - what is it? This technology, which will open a new era in the development of modern technologies. Imagine it even more possibilities, more discoveries, more comfortable for us. We have already become accustomed, that all must work quickly, almost instantly, even if the delay goes on a second, we're angry and irritated.
Unfortunately, existing platforms have such disadvantages as the low speed of the transaction (the same as long as several hours, it seems, in our rhythm is a luxury), security problems remain open and important issues for the platform, especially when it comes to our money.
Firstly, we need to be sure about their data, their money, and secondly, we need to be sure that the platform is a "filter" participants platform and the risk of falling into her attackers is minimal, especially today, when suffer from attacks by hackers, by hacking, phishing and so on. As it turned out, problems still enough, but really effective solutions is not enough. I want to introduce you to Seele platform, which aims to become such an effective solution to these problems. Let's see how they get it.
  • About Seele
  • The main problems to be solved by Seele
  • Which solution offers Seele
  • details ICO
  • conclusion
About Seele
Seele - a new platform, which works on the basis of a consensus protocol scalable Neural Consensus. It allows you to increase productivity through simultaneous transactions. Transactions will be conducted between large-scale heterogeneous nodes and, thus, form a forest ecosystem (Heterogeneous Forest Network)
The main problems to be solved by Seele
Here to solution aims to provide a platform:
  • Other platforms do not provide scalability to ensure the full operation of large scale.
  • Speed of transactions, too, leaves much to be desired. Of course, it is growing, but still may take several hours.
  • Lack of ability to select and use appropriate business scenarios. That is, they are, but their selection is quite small, which is not very convenient.
  • And also there is a problem transferring data between Blokchain networks.
  • On safety talk a lot, platforms offer their solutions, but the problem is still relevant.
  • Existing platforms offer a solution with only one or two problems, but solutions that will eliminate immediately all set yet. Keyword "yet" because Seele works just on it.
Which solution offers Seele
Seele set on achieving success in various aspects Blokchain technologies from basic protocols and network infrastructure to consensus algorithms and interconnection agreements.
As we said above, Seele will work on the basis of neural consensus protocol. As a result of his work will be formed and a multi-purpose mixed ecosystem. Heterogeneous Forest Network will consist of subnets, and each subnet so will combine some business with a particular company. This operation will provide a secure communication scheme.
Value Transport Protocol-based protocol Heterogeneous Forest Network will solve the scalability problem. By hierarchical structuring.
Details ICO
Ticker: SEELE
token Standard: ERC20
Cost: 1 SEELE = 0.0324 USD (0.00008000 ETH)
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Tokens platform you will be able to pay for operations, services, fees, and get a reward for participating in the platform.
It is obvious that Seele offer very attractive and even intriguing. It is interesting to keep track of how to create a platform that promises a whole new level of technology. Seele is a pioneering project in Blokchain 4.0 technologies. and is working on a platform by combining the best technologies in one place: the heterogeneous forests, neural networks matching algorithms, the power distribution between the internal and external circuits and scalable TPS. I can not wait to see the result of this ambitious project. And although there is still a lot of details for the implementation, I want to hope for success Seele, because in that case Blokchain will reach a new level.
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