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Blokchain gave us many opportunities - decentralization, reliability, transparency, and the advanced features. Really it's not the limit? Of course, because every day something is being finalized, and thus improves blokchain has passed three stages of development. We are now at the threshold of the fourth. Blockchain 4.0 - it's pretty vague concept that has no clear boundaries. The only thing that is clear, that it should be better than its previous versions.
Today we try to understand why Seele is a new generation blokchainom and which uses technology.
  • About the project
  • Seele technology
  • Details ICO
  • Conclusion
About the Project
Seele is an innovative project (at least, that positions itself). All this because the platform uses to run blokchain 4.0, offers many features, optimizations and new technologies. For example, there are variations blokchaina there are some drawbacks that Seele is going to fix it. To better understand what offers us a platform, let's take a closer look at the technology that it uses.
Seele Technology
Low bandwidth, which could be limited to only 7 transactions per second. Applications have to wait for the creation of multiple units (usually six). Ethereum takes 10-20 seconds to create a new block. It is long and not everybody likes it, so part of the customer is eliminated and choose other solutions.
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If the interaction between chains occurs, enterprises can not communicate across multiple platforms. If we take for comparison Bitcoin and Ethereum, then there is a transaction carried out on the same circuit. The process is not complicated, but the user needs it can only at an early stage, that is, until a small load. A solution that offers Seele, - is the use of multi-unit structure. But this is only part of the solution, because the multiple branch circuits can not provide the opportunity to meet the rapidly changing business needs. In addition, the problem of sharing computing resources and data resources in a number of chains has not been fully resolved.
The best solution is a heterogeneous network timber (HFN). In each chain HFN provides minimal number needs for services, so each service can be operated in separate chains. This allows the real world to interact with virtual at the same time ensuring the safety and optimization. It also provides gateway access, which allows the transaction between the different chains.
Using the algorithm of neural consensus (neural consensus algorithm) allow the sort of large-scale components, thereby ensuring safety.
Algorithm Neural consensus, which sorts the nodes on a large scale. Nodes - it bitcoin network used to broadcast messages. Using randomly selected nodes to perform transactions every time a network reduces the possibility of dual rate (this is when the user is trying to hold the same digital token twice). The basic rule is that the more nodes in the network, the higher the security.
Details ICO
Ticker: SEELE
token Standard: ERC20
Cost: 1 SEELE = 0.0324 USD (0.00008000 ETH)
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Tokens have two functions:
  • Remuneration joining nodes.
    Because more of them, the lower the speed of transactions. That is how you would make a contribution to the performance of the platform.
  • Payment of fees.
    Developers plan to provide more benefits to the owners of the tokens and less for miners, by providing you with increased speed, and tokens to the network.
Seele became rather discuss the project participants in the cryptographic community. On the platform were noticed and the media. White paper says that the platform makers have a thorough technical understanding of what they are going to do and how. At the moment, the process does not stop, the team is working on research, participates in various conferences and similar events, and, of course preparing to launch a test network, the main issue and the development of support tools. Much has already been completed, but there is a lot to be important. Their activities can be monitored on social networks project. During the work on the project team has made great strides, which will provide a solid foundation for future growth.
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