Seele Blockchain 4.0 Ico Review

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Seele project is based on Blockchain 4.0 technology, the project is able to provide the most advanced features and improve the functionality of previous versions of the chain.
Blokchain 1.0 served as Bitcoin, after it appeared blokchain 2.0 or Ethereum, with the introduction of smart contracts, then blokchain 3.0, it works projects such as Cosmos and EOS.
But all these blokchain there are a number of disadvantages, for example, such as a small network bandwidth, and so on. Existing versions blokchain that we used to enjoy, have a common drawback: the more nodes, the consensus slower, and this entails problems with network scalability, for illustrative example we can take the recent sensational game on blokchain Ethereum called kriptokittes, which could put the network Ethereum, in consequence commite rebounded strongly on the transaction, and the transaction itself has become very slow.
Seele is able to solve this problem, thanks to the neural algorithm consensus that has revolutionary scalability. Through the use of neural consensus protocol Seele allows unlimited increase of nodes, and, the nodes, the more increases the performance, as well as the speed of convergence. The result of this formation of the network is mixed and multi-network ecosystem.
Technology whereby Seele achieves its goals :
  • Protocol neural consensus (ie, differential algorithm agreement - EDA)
    Achieving consensus is achieved by taking the best of technology blokchain versions and additions algorithm EDA. This algorithm is based on the natural numbers. Consensus achieved through parallel sorting, as well as asynchronous data calculation for a huge number of network nodes. The more users on the network, the consensus achieved faster.
  • Heterogeneous Forest Network (HFN)
    Seele Blokchain consists of a tree structure. Consisting of subnetworks, the network itself functions as one whole.
  • Transport Protocols values (VTP) and value chain (VHTTP)
    VTP protocol is based on the HFN values chain structure and is responsible for the recognition and creation of routing digital assets within the network. VHTTP creates exchange values of assets within the network, as well as abroad.
  • Quick Value Internet Connection (QVIC)
    This protocol provides the ability to increase data transfer rates within the network, replacing the standard TCP and UDP protocols. When testing QVIC rate of 1 GB of data has increased from 100 kbp / s to 1 Mbit / s.
Blockchain Seele is based on the use of many blokchain, each of which is responsible for the execution of certain operations. For example, in the banking sector blokchaine operation will be carried out only banking focus and the gaming blokchaine operations are performed relating only to the playing field. Achieving kontsensusa is due to random selection of users, thanks to capacity calculations which are carried out, forming a block.
Seele technology allows the integration of many market sigma:
  • National Network
  • Healthcare
  • Scope of banks
  • Game industry
  • Social applications
Seele Team
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The commando Seele consist doctors and professors who have completed the world's best universities and have a great experience, as well as the best developers and advisers.
  • Dr. Bi Wei. Winner of 8 patents in blockchain technologies and author of numerous scientific papers.
  • Dr. Zheng Maolin. Is the head of BRI, previously held the position of senior scientist in GZT Co.
  • Dr. Nick Smith. A data analyst, a post-doctoral degree, engaged in research in Londomskom University.
  • Dr. Stephen Gruppeta. Is engaged in data analytics, previously was an academic at London's City University, is the founder Codetoday.
  • Hong Hui. He is an expert in digital currencies and founder of China-UK Blockchain Association, as well as the executive director of Crescent Shanghai.
  • Lou Vincennes. Creating big data platform. Acting teacher of Beijing University, starzhy Microsoft software engineer.
  • Cheng Yunjie. He is the architect Blockchain platform, as well as of the Technical expert in Tencent. Founder Avanquest CDC China R & D center.
  • Hong Ziksiong. Is an expert Blockchain applications. Acting teacher of Beijing University, senior engineer programming Tencent.
  • Qiao Zhigang. Is an expert in the network in a distributed system and university lecturer Pikin.
  • Zhou Leyhao. It has been creating big data platform. He is a senior engineer R & D Baidu, and the head of department of development of big data platform Baidu Takeout.
  • Ma Yongxin. It is a contract designer platform and lecturer at the University Beyang, as well as senior engineer Baidu.
  • Professor Donald Lawrence and John Fox - technical consultants.
  • Peter Du and Adam Wong - economic consultants.
  • Park the Tiger - Community Manager.
The distribution of tokens:
The total number of tokens - 1 billion
Standard token - ERC20
  • For Sale - 482,500,000 tokens 48,25%
  • Airdrop - 17,500,000 tokens 1,75%
  • The team - 70,000,000 7% tokens
  • Early investors - 30,000,000 tokens 3%
  • Provision 100 million tokens 10%
  • Remuneration of members of the system tokens 300 million 30%
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