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Even the most productive people need to eventually catch a break; the reality is that everyone participates in some sort of leisure activity. Many industries are built on offering some sort of entertainment or joy to people during their leisure time. Some people opt for sports, some pick up a book, and, as per a going trend, many opt to play games.
With the advent of technology, the concept of a game has completely changed and a greater portion of the population participates in some type of game as there are so many channels for partaking in this leisure activity. However, as any industry starts to become too big, certain companies within it also start to become too big. The video game industry is facing this problem now as a handful of publishers possess an overwhelming amount of power. While the gaming community fosters its own growth and the game developers remain hard at work to bring the newest, most innovative games to life, the publishers stand as the middlemen reaping the greatest benefit. As the publishers compete among themselves, they rack up heavy marketing costs that make lead to tighter pays for the developers and increased costs for the gamers. Now, a new blockchain project, Yumerium, is offering an efficient solution to this problem in the gaming industry.

Yumerium Removes the Middlemen

Yumerium is a platform upon which developers can directly provide games to the gaming community, thereby removing the need for middlemen. It’s carving its own business model: play-to-earn.
Yumerium has properly pin-pointed that most people simply consume leisure products and rarely try to grow the community they are a part of. Hence, all gamers on the Yumerium platform will be incentivized to promote the games they play as their actions to draw in additional engagement to the platform will earn them YUM tokens.
All the money of the gaming community circulates within it. Instead of money seeping out to marketing agencies, the community rewards its own members who properly promote the best games. This also brings forth a merit-based system. Now, players will be rewarded for actively fostering the growth of the community and the developers will be able to directly provide new games to gamers.
With the middlemen, publishers, cut out, game developers will reap the full fruit of their work as publishers won’t be taking the largest share of the revenue. Gamers will be able to earn money for doing something they love while fostering the community’s growth. Yumerium is building the gaming community into its independent economy where the money rotates within the hands of the creators and consumers.

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