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Yumerium is an innovative blockchain-powered platform where game developers can introduce new games directly to the gaming community. The gamers who add value to the platform by playing the game, promoting it, and reviewing it are rewarded with YUM tokens. This concept removes the middlemen in the gaming industry thereby lowers costs for gamers and increasing the earning of developers.
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Yumerium SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.
Many blockchain projects are launched by fresh faces with limited experience in running a company; these traits are off-set as they try to compile a list of advisors with great CVs. However, Yumerium’s team itself has decades of experience and there isn’t a need to scrap the bottom of the barrel in search of advisors.
Yumerium is being developed by the founders of existing companies; this also means that Yumerium is backed by the grounding of established companies.
Yumerium will benefit from the combined experience, network, and existing operations of VR Plus and Subdream Studios. VR Plus owns 29+ VR Arcades across South Korea and this allows Yumerium an immediate outlet to launch its platform; Subdream Studios will be developing Yumerium and that means Yumerium has immediate access to seasoned talent from the gaming industry. It’s a major competitive edge for a project to be able to leverage the existing operations of established businesses.

Yumerium is providing a great benefit to the gaming community as the removal of publishers will lower costs while still increasing the earning of good developers. However, the vast portion of the gaming revenue is in the hands of a few publishers who control mainstream brands and titles.
Yumerium, however, is a platform designed for growth since users are rewarded for promoting the games on Yumerium. A portion of the gaming community is comprised for hard early adopters, and if Yumerium can leverage this portion into a motivated community, it stands a shot at cannibalizing the market share of even the biggest names in gaming.

The gaming industry is absolutely massive and there’s a lot of growth still to be achieved as the world’s middle class is starting to expand. Yumerium, by way of the industry it is targeting, is aligned to capture opportunity in a growing industry.
Additionally, Yumerium is backed by companies with a focus on VR gaming, which stands to be the next frontier for the gaming industry; it also leverages blockchain technology. The combined synergy of the one of the next major technological frontiers and the next big thing in gaming places Yumerium in a very strong position in the gaming industry.

As per coincidence, a good bit of the blockchain community is shared with the gaming community. Given the degree of interest members of this community have in gaming, a good number of projects have seen the gaming industry as an opportune target. While it’s true that a gaming product could face swift adoption, competition is now stiff and a battle of attrition could develop as many young products are now aiming for the same group of people.
Most of the blockchain products aimed at the gaming industry are still in development. Yumerium has an established team backing it so if the development is handled properly, it could not only beat others to the product rollout, but also have enough of a head start to actually adopt the competitive edges of other blockchain-based gaming products.
Wrap-Up: Yumerium has a rare competitive edge in the blockchain industry. The product is backed by existing companies and this strength could help it outpace the development of other blockchain products aiming the gaming industry; this could open up the path for Yumerium to capture the great opportunity at hand.

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