Qurrex Ico Review Best: Pioneer Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange

The advent of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology has provided a good platform for many innovative opportunities. Equally, there are some nagging problems that face the crypto-economy and cryptocurrency platforms.
The cryptocurrency economy had succeeded in harmonizing centralized exchanges and also strengthened the growth in crypto trades. Despite this unassuming success, the crypto economy had been faced with some problems. The major issue here is that the problems that emanate from running ICO projects and other centralized platforms had led to calls for a platform that will support both a centralized and decentralized trading platforms.
The coming of major cryptocurrencies had provided a decentralized feature that reduced the risk that comes with centralized platforms. It had also caused the literal blacklist of these centralized platforms without considering some usefulness of the centralized platforms.
So the problem we have is how to incorporate both the centralized and decentralized platforms in one blockchain for maximum effect. Throughout the span of cryptocurrencies’ lifespan so far, there has not been a platform that enables both the centralized and decentralized crypto trading.
Introducing the First Hybrid Crypto Trading Platform
While the crop of cryptocurrencies we currently have provided a decentralized platform for crypto trade, its action had an adverse effect on the centralized crypto trade platforms. This had caused dissatisfaction among crypto traders and led to numerous calls for a blockchain platform that will support both the centralized and decentralized crypto trades.
I guess their prayers have been answered because we now have a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that allows crypto traders uses both the centralized and decentralized trading formats.
Qurrex is here to solve crypto trading problems by providing a multifunctional trading platform that has a centralized node for effectiveness. It also features client functionality where users can have their FX and exchange issues brokered.
Qurrex is hinged on the blockchain technology which allows for secure storage of database and middlemen elimination and also provides an aggregated liquidity from network nodes including the centralized platform.
Qurrex was first developed as a centralized platform but having identified that the crypto market is flooded with centralized platforms that were having serious issues, Qurrex made a decision to solve these problems. This it did by conducting researches into these problems and the outcome was the identification of the causes and the anticipated solution.
Qurrex then took the bold step by harmonizing both the centralized and decentralized platforms into their ecosystem and by this action; Qurrex not only solved the present crypto trading problems but also charted a new course for the future of crypto trades.
An Insight into Crypto Trade Problems
The current crypto trade system does not support the hybrid system thereby leading to dissatisfaction on the part of crypto traders. Also, they have a poorly customized interface and mobile applications are rarely developed for easy trade.
Security is of utmost importance in any trade but this seems to be lacking in current crypto trading platforms leading to theft of personal data and cryptocurrency thefts from users’ wallets and accounts.
The APIs are not entirely rapid in terms of connection and this had contributed to the slowdown of crypto trades. Most often, there were records of malfunction in these crypto trading platforms and this arose because of lower productivity in their ecosystem. The malfunctioning sometimes is as a result of the massive traffic and transactions done in the ecosystem.
Finally, the servicing of customers is not entirely satisfactory and the slow spate of funding in the ecosystem had contributed greatly to the massive decline in these crypto trade platforms. The resultant effect is the clamoring for a new initiative that can alleviate the “trading plague” that crypto traders have had to battle with.
Can Qurrex solve the Problem?
From indications and feelers, it is quite certain that Qurrex will help crypto traders get the best out of their trading platforms. Qurrex comes with the best features that every crypto trader will find useful.
For instance, Qurrex has created a favorable atmosphere that will allow institutional investors and brokers to come in fully into the crypto trading system. It also offers other end users such as individual brokers and non-experienced crypto traders to seize the opportunity of having a hybrid trading platform to master the art of crypto trading.
Qurrex identified the almost fading out Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) which cannot attain the goals of crypto trades. Qurrex therefore opted to make effective use of the Centralized Exchange (CEX) which will remain effective in creating much liquidity across many trading instruments.
Qurrex also identified the problems that come with the CEX and DEX exchanges and had carved out a solution to them before integrating them into their ecosystem. You can now use both the CEX and DEX forms of exchange in the Qurrex ecosystem for your crypto trades.
The solution to crypto trade problems have been carved out by Qurrex and these are some of them:
• Transparency
• Formalization of exchange processes
• Guarantee of asset safety
• Qurrex also has the following features:
• High liquidity level
• Broad functionality
• High-speed APIs
• Next-generational security level
• Satisfactory user support
• Supports fiat currency
• Supports social trading
Qurrex Exchange System
Qurrex features a two-layer architecture that will create a modular system with logically separated blocks. These layers are the Central Link and Layer of Client.
Interaction Protocols
• mBinary: The mBinary protocol allows user exchange specific messages that are binary formated.
• WebSocket: The WebSocket protocol is specifically for application developers. It allows users connect client terminals and implement trading APIs, analytics and market data.
• REST: With REST, third-party developers can respond to request parameters.
• FIX/FAST: This protocol allows users transfer data and this protocol is used in major trading systems.
Token Distribution
The Qurrex token will be distributed using the following format:
78.6% token will be for Crowdsale
7.1 % will be for Qurrex team members
6.4% will be used for Qurrex Loyalty Program
4.3% will be a Bounty Fund
The remaining 3.6% is set aside for PRE-ICO Investors
Token & Tokensale Details
Token Name: QRX
Token Standard:ERC-20
Accepted Currency: ETH
Token Type: Utility
Exchange Rate: 500 QRX = 1 ETH
Total Token for Sale: 55 million
Total Token Supply: 70 million
Deposit Now: https://tokensale.qurrex.com/
Team Members
You can view other members of the team here: https://qurrex.com
You can view the full list here: https://qurrex.com
To find out more about Qurrex, check out the links below
Website: https://qurrex.com
Whitepaper: https://goo.gl/ZmucrR
Blog: https://medium.com/qurrex

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