KEPLER Technology Ico Review, the Future of Robotic and AI Technology

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Technology has affected and changed our life entirely. It also triggers the born of many new invention and technology. One of them is the robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. In fact, there are many industries and tool that we can find today has applied this technology. Just look at the personal assistance you can find on your mobile gadget or the auto drive feature on some of car. However, there is one problem that becomes the main obstacle of the robotic and AI technology growth. It’s the budget. And, KEPLER tries to find the solution for this problem.
What is KEPLER ?
KEPLER is a project that provides an environment where anyone can be connected with many robotic and AI startup companies. Using Blockchain technology as its base, this project want to help those who are interested in this industry and want to invest their money.
This project use Blockchain, that means the usage of cryptocurrency is also needed here. Therefore, the team also creates a system, where user can easily change their cryptocurrency with the tokens that will be used for investment. More than that, they can use fiat currencies as well.
Vision and Mission
KEPLER is created in order to provide a social network can be used easier, faster and with transparent system, which will become the trigger to make ideas turn into reality with the power of community. This can be achieved with the Blockchain technology that has decentralization concept.
KEPLER project has important mission. This technology is existed to provide a place where many individual can connect each other, share the ideas related to robotics and AI technology. Plus, they also can find investor that will support their idea and startup, and fulfill their dream.
The Advantages of KEPLER Technology
KEPLER technology has advantages for party, the ideas/startup owner and the investor. For the ideas/startup owner, they will be much easier to find the financial support with this service. The payment for the fund also can be done instantly with Blockchain technology. The system also can be accessed from anywhere, which makes them easier to find the investor that they need.
For investor itself, they will have a chance to find the most promising startup in robotics and AI industry. With KEPLER technology, they also can track the money that they invest much easier, because of the transparent concept that this project used. The fund that they have will be protected perfectly with the latest technology.
The Platform
This project uses platform that is called KEPLER Universe Platform. This platform is created by using Ethereum Blockchain as its base. Therefore, the tokens that user used here uses the ERC20 standard. This system also gives better protection for user fund.
The Tokens
The user will use KEP token to invest and use all features and service from KEPLER universe. The tokens are released on the Pre-sale and ICO event. User can buy it on those events, and then use it when this project is officially launched on later date.
Token Details
Token Name: KEP
Token Supply: 257,000,000 KEP
Amount to be Raised: $250,000,000
Token Price: $1 USD = 0,8 KEP
Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH.
Soft Cap: $10,000,000
Hard Cap: $62,500,000
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