VRT World Review Best ICO

VRT World Review Best ICO 
Official page: https://vrt.world/
About the VRT platform
Tasks and benefits
Project history and plan
Development team
Our partners
Conditions of participation in ICO
Now the virtual reality comes to a new level. It would seem that it could be even better, but thanks to the blockbuster all the spheres of our life are honed. Let’s remember when we had to dive deep into this world of unrealistically cool sensations, we got real pleasure from what was happening, did not we? And to create a convincing complex of sensations of reality, a computer synthesis of the properties and reactions of virtual reality is made in real time, but if the truth to say today there are already a lot of devices and the problem of many of them is the quality of reproduction because of their mass character, which stops the development of this industry. The solution to this problem is the developers of the VRT World platform, which is inherently decentralized.
Developers and businessmen create a community that will grow at a tremendous pace, as the VRT project also develops its own products inside the SDK and API service. All this is done to solve the problem of saving and to give people the opportunity to feel the technologies that are worthy of their attention. VRT will be in demand, so now our audience grows more and more, among which there are a lot of users, developers and crypto-investors. And why? Yes, because the creation of another concept, such as the Marketplace, will allow participants to buy, and developers to sell products without spending huge amounts of money on equipment.
Tasks and benefits
Clever contracts in the network of the Etherium due to the technology of the block system will give us transparency in the management of funds and the payment algorithm between the VRT participants will be improved and at the same time full respect for all rights between the VRT participants will be ensured. The next Wow is the Marketplace. What is this? This is an additional service within the platform, through which you can conduct all transactions for the sale and lease of services. Prices will be set by content authors.
The SDK and API implements VR content at the highest level, and the storage in which all this content is compiled is already running on the basis of the IPFS protocol
In the Platform there is an emulator, which is essentially a kind of content tester with various types of devices.
The VRT project will be managed by a community that will independently choose for itself how to develop the system and this will be convenience. The platform will help create content that is really interesting for users, not for a narrow range of owners, which is relevant for centralized services today.
Of course, not everything is perfect and the development will face some problems that it will overcome … Namely, the search for an appropriate audience for such quality content, because users are not particularly interested in buying VR equipment for the same reason. But the developers are doing everything possible for the solution of this question..
History and development plan
2015 — Over $ 345,000 invested in technology development. Tracking and learning processes
2017 — Sale of a franchise for Europe. Opening more than 30 amusement parks
Q3 2017 — Opening of the first VR park in Moscow
QIV 2017–28 ETH and 45 BTC collected during the closed round
Q1 2018 — About 720–000 thousand dollars collected during the pre-sale session
QIII 2018 — Opening of VR sites in Korea, Japan, North America in OAU
QIV 2018 — Creating the SDK 2019 — Running a Marketplace for VR Content
2020 — Integration of content into VR sites
Q1 2021 — Launch EA-Sports in the platform
Q2 2021 — Opening 170 locations around the world
Team of leading developers and advisors
Our partners and clients..
Conditions of participation in ICO
The main currency of the platform will be VRT tokens. Users will be able to pay for both applications, the ability to store content, and various services within the platform. All financial transactions will be transparent and safe and all thanks to the blockbuster! Tokens will also be received by users during the award!
Development platform: ERC 20
The cost of one token VRT = 1 USD
Token emission = 100 million VRT
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC
Token sale will last from February 27 to March 27 10% bonus until the end of the sale
More information about the platform itself can be found here..

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