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Tuurnt is a platform that focuses on providing and developing event services that enable users to organize events or parties more easily and intelligently. Tuurnt provides a system where users will get a number of incentives for organizing events or hosting an event. Tuurnt has a system similar to Airbnb or Uber, which users will get paid if they host an event. Tuurnt aims to create a platform that will allow users to organize events and connect people to events and benefit from it.
Getting Started Development
Tuurnt is developed using reliable resources and professional teams who see a lucrative opportunity in the industry event. Tuurnt will directly solve problems related to event services, such as the difficulty of getting access to events or events up to organizing an event. By using Tuurnt, users can earn additional income from hosting an event, or any other form of contribution. Tuurnt uses Blockchain technology as the basis for its development, which will provide a transparent and safe event service to use. Here are some points to be explained from the Tuurnt Platform;
  • Tuurnt Platform
  • Disputes & Resolutions
  • Tuurnt Token
Platform Tuurnt
Tuurnt enables users to organize events more easily and intelligently, for example, as students who organize an event related to charity activities and post it to Tuurnt then other students will be able to find out more detailed information, such as place, time, etc. Individuals who have a place or a house also have the opportunity to earn additional earnings, by organizing an event and posting it to Tuurnt, then the user around will respond by reserving a spot on the event. Users can also interact with events or events hosted by other users through photos or videos they post on Tuurnt. Tuurnt can be accessed via Android smartphone or iOS that users have. The digital wallet has also been provided to users, so users can easily accept or make payments.
More information about the features and benefits provided by the Tuurnt Platform can be found at the whitepaper provided at the end of this article.
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Disputes & Resolutions
Tuurnt will address the problems or disputes faced by the user by using escrow system, which when the relevant party opens a dispute, the token will be held for 1-2 days before the problem is resolved by the team. Using such an escrow system, enabling the protection of both parties in relation to their agreement and Tuurnt will ensure that decisions will be taken appropriately and not harming both parties. Tuurnt will sanction those who organize the event or share any sexual, violent or other content that violates the law. Sanctions will be given in the form of negative feedback, rating reduction, up to suspend an account.
Tuurnt Token
Tuurnt is supported directly by the TRT token which functions as a means of payment within the Platform and also as a form of user contribution within the ICO program organized by Tuurnt. This token has an ERC20 system base which can be traded by users in exchanges. Users need a TRT token to place an event booking or make transactions to other users. Tuurnt will only charge 2.5% fee for booking and 5% fee to organize an event.
In Conclusion
Tuurnt aims to provide an event service that has a system like sharing economy, which can be used by users to organize an event or earn an additional income more easily and intelligently. Tuurnt allows people to be able to attend events more easily and get information related to an event in detail. Tuurnt believes that this service will become a renewable solution in providing more reliable, intelligent, and profitable service providers to users.
With this opportunity, Tuurnt invites you to enlarge this Platform to reach the Broader Society. Tuurnt will release the Token under the name "TRT Token", here is the data.
WEB: https://tuurnt.io/
WHITEPAPER: http://www.tuurnt.io/tuurnt_whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/tuurntio
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tuurnt_?lang=en
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tuurntapp/

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