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Promote Your Sites with Sharpay
The growth of digital finance technology provides more opportunities for people to create new business ideas include multi – sharing system. Sharpay comes with beneficial multi – sharing system to enable the users get profits upon their contribution.This is a beneficial system that makes it possible for people to advertise also on their business through custom website. Get to know more about the token company and multi – sharing system here. ( Visit also the Official website )
Sharpay: What Is It About?
The growth of blockchain technology and digital financing has opened unlimited opportunities for people to develop as well as their business include in multi – sharing system. The sharing enables people to have chance to have content promotion to advertise their products and business. This what the Sharpay do for its clients. The token company provides multi – share button which is based on blockchain to allow the company’s followers to gain profit. By sharing in the Sharpay, the users will get rewards due to their contributions.

Moreover, you can also create company logo of your own that can be connected with any social networks available now. There are some main features provided by Sharpay, multi – sharing button of Sharpay will enable the users to create custom website based on their own preference design. This is also possible for the users to design colorful website with various shapes to make it more attractive. There will be also special code as the main feature provided by the digital finance company. The code will instantly active once you click the sharing button. This is also possible for the company to match the code with your custom website.
What the Sharpay Offers for You

The Advantages of Sharpay for Your Business
There are a lot of advantages you can get from the multi – sharing system provided by Sharplay.
  1. Improve Conversion
The first benefit of multi – sharing you can get is that the system can help you to improve conversion. The company grows the conversion by distributing the content of your sites in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and much more.
  1. Improve the KPI sites
The next benefit is that multi – sharing can improve the KPI sites. It is done by optimize the number of active viewers, users, sales and registrations available.
  1. Increase Traffic
Your traffic’s sites can be in increased by multi – sharing.
  1. Increase Usability and Possibility
Last but not least, the multi – sharing system applied can also help you to increase earning tokens’ usability and possibility as well, include crypto currency and digital currency.
How the Sharpay Will Work for You
How will the Sharpay work for you? Basically, the token company works for you in some ways.
  1. First of all, the company’s followers should visit any site which has installed the multi – sharing button of Sharpay.
  2. The next thing you should do is clicking button of animated Sharpay. Just keep in mind that you should make a personal cabinet in the token company for the first of your sharing.
  3. To make it work, you also need to share any interesting content. It means that once you find the content that you think is necessary, you should share it in your social networks.
  4. After that you can withdraw your token as your profit. You can do it via crypto exchanges.
  5. You will get notification after that from Sharpay about a new content based on specific targeting.
Here is The Complete Flowchart 
Token Distribution
How the token will be distributed by the Shrapay? The distribution of the token is conducted in some steps.
  1. The users will have financial register based on blockchain. There will be free tokens for sale and the users can purchase them at crypto – exchanges.
  2. The next thing to do is that the users should make a reservation for the operation of the multi – sharing system.
  3. Then, the teams contribute in Sharpay will get their bonus.
  4. In the early stages, all investors contribute in the operation system will also get their rewards.
  5. After that, it will be the advisers’ turn to receive their rewards.
The multi – sharing system is really a bounty program that will be very beneficial for those who contribute in it. All people can join in Sharpay and make their own website with interesting contents to share as well as get rewards from it.
Here is the complete Timeline and Roadmap

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