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Saifu is a financial services product targeting the crypto market. It offers a single account that securely allows the storage, trade, and transaction ability of both fiat and crypto currencies.
Read on to learn about its strengths.

Saifu SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a potential project.

Saifu’s biggest strength is that it’s a product the market eagerly desires. Those within the crypto community desperately want a means to be able to expense their holding for day to day needs, thereby giving genuine liquidity to their holding.
On the other hand, many others seek a convenient means of entry into this market. With Saifu, buying crypto would be as easy as using a brokerage app to buy stocks. Saifu bridges the gap between the ease of purchasing traditional investment channels like stocks and the ease of purchasing crypto currencies.
Saifu would not need to focus on developing a market; the market’s already there.

Saifu’s main weakness that despite the market wanting a product like this one, the initial awareness needs to be developed. Generally, the initial marketing campaigns can be costly and can eat up a portion of a start-up’s base funds.
However, given the attractiveness of this product, conversion rates should be high and could the returns from early campaigns could easily support future campaigns.

Crypto currencies may be in a bear phase at present, but their 1-year growth still remains phenomenal. The fact remains that the crypto market has seen massive growth in interest. Saifu is a product catering directly to the crypto market, and its launching at the dawn of this market’s major growth.
The timely launch of Saifu allows it to have a large enough market to capitalize on.

Saifu is targeting a major financial service gap. This could put it under the prowling eyes of the giants in the financial industry who have a strong record of acquiring companies on a quarterly basis. Saifu could see aggressive acquisition attempts.
The base crypto community, who seek the decentralization of the financial industry, would not be satisfied with this.
However, from an investment perspective, this is not at all a threat, and is in fact the perfect exit.
Saifu is revolutionizing the way people interact with fiat and crypto. It is creating a means for the two forms of currencies to exist harmoniously in a single platform, and giving a means to easily convert between the two; additionally, the service offers a means to expense with its native payment card.

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