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The transfer of energy occurs wherever we are. In the current era, energy is used in various forms of conversion, one of which is electrical energy. The use of electrical energy is applied in various things that facilitate the course of human activities daily. Some examples of them is in the use of smartphones and other electronic devices.
Everyday the users of electronic goods need a continuous supply of electric power. Fortunately, this requirement has been addressed by every manufacturer of electronic goods companies.
Through plug-in charging techniques, users of electronic goods can get the power they need. Unfortunately, the growing activity and human needs in various ways make this conventional way is considered too complicated and many parties try to find a solution. Factors such as space flexibility, time efficiency, and weight of luggage become the fundamental problem of this charging mode. Answering these needs Node came up with its revolutionary idea. Visit the official website (
About Node
Node power is the new start-up company that introduces innovative technology in the form of electrical storage and charging. With the technology developed by this Node, it is hoped that there will be an answer to the efficiency of usability and quality of electric power required by the people. In addition, Node also sees the needs of a large-scale industry that has its own challenges in running its business (harsh environment, technical job description, health, and construction systems). Through Node, problems such as the need for elaborate and limited electrical power can be solved.
Advantages of Using Node
  • With Node, you can get clean and quality electrical energy without the hassle of unplugging the charging device.
  • Nodes also facilitate you to fill in any type of electronic item, regardless of shape and size.
  • If the conventional electric charging energy is transferred through a cable, through Node, the charging is done through a medium that is not visible to us (wireless).
  • Electrical charging can occur anytime and anywhere your position, because the electric charging distance facilitated by the Node also has a large distance limit.
  • This results in a clean energy transfer and does not cause post-use problems such as dust or moisture invasion.
  • Without being afraid of intermittent charging, using nodes you can perform your daily dynamic activities. Walking or cycling to the office, exercising, traveling to various places, all of these things can be done without having to fear the charging of electricity is lost. Read more on the whitepaper
Node Products
  1. Alpha - Electric charging technology through a flexible pad
  • Providing convenience for Node users to charge their various electronic items at the same time.
  • It has a stand-by mode that saves its power usage.
  • A sleek, folded pad lets you carry it anywhere you need it.
  • Although the technology is majorly using wireless systems, the product still provides USB power adapter for any device.
  1. Eon - The Desktop Charging Station
  • It has a lightweight shape to carry anywhere
  • Can perform electrical charging with a distance of 1 meter
  • There is a control system in it, and can charge electricity for more than one device
The Future of Nodes
Node has planned and prepared several goals in developing its business. Through planning for the creation of the latest goods, Node already has some ideas that are ready to be executed in the future.
  • The product will be engaged in automotive, which allows electric cars to charge anywhere. By making the parts or body of the car as the receiver of electrical power. Cars are ready for use everywhere and reducing pollution is decreasing.
  • The use of drones that are rampant also try to be facilitated by Node. By placing charging stations at houses, Drones will always have power and can be used for a long time.
  • Node will also engage in partnership with medical industries. By its product, the systematic style of determining quantity and quality of chemical elements are more ready and easy to be used.
Token Information
Token Details
Token Name : NODE Tokens
Token price : 1 MOBL = $1 USD
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
Accepts payments : ETH, BTC
Token Sales
Total Supply : $5 millions of Node tokens sold
Minimal investment: $10
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