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Data is transforming the way commerce functions as it is providing companies an accurate grasp of what fulfills consumer needs. This has led to massive data market, and personal data has an annual market of nearly $250 billion.

A Look at Personal Data

Due to the massive sum of money flowing into the personal data market, the companies dealing with it have been able to establish massive earnings. Opiria, a data marketplace where anyone can sell his/her personal data to any company, aims to revolutionize this market by cutting out all middle men. The goal of this piece is to see what could Opiria be worth.
Only a few businesses serve solely other businesses or serve only the government (think military contractors). Vast portion of companies have at least some degree of sales directly to the consumers and this makes personal data extremely valuable as it gives critical insight into consumer demand trends. As data is becoming increasingly important for business strategy, the brokers of personal data are benefitting.
  • Equifax, a company founded in 1899, has been gathering consumer data on Americans for decades. It primarily sells consumer data to insurance firms. Despite its narrow client base, Equifax pulls in over $3 billion every year. It retains a market cap of nearly $14 billion despite regularly facing scandals.
  • Corelogic also sells consumer data for a specific market: real estate. Corelogic has kept record of consumer trends towards home purchases for decades and that earns it profits of over $100 million every year.
  • Unlike the above 2 companies, Nielsen has a more diversified holding on data as it sells consumer information to the entire entertainment industry and to many packaged goods producers. Nielsen profits roughly half a billion dollars a year despite giving massive dividends north of 4%.
The list goes on, but the companies participating in brokering personal data are extremely lucrative. This shows that Opiria is entering a market open for business, one where most participants are able to establish multi-billion-dollar market caps despite aiming for niche clients.

Opiria’s Potential & Business Model

Opiria has many competitive edges due to the fact that it’s not a direct seller of personal data, but a marketplace for it. This means that unlike most data brokers, Opiria is able to easily be a source of consumer data for any group of individuals, and it can operate on a global scale with ease.
The example of data brokers given earlier were of companies primarily involved with companies with data on Americans and serving primarily the demands of American businesses. Opiria has the ability to easily out-perform existing data brokers data capacity and reach, thereby allowing it to profit from a wide array of clients.
Opiria’s business model is based on annually renewable licenses. Given the massive audience of clients it can capture, it has the potential to have a market cap that rivals data brokers.

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