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Modern science is making the way for different inventions in different areas of life with a goal to make life better and solve pertinent issues affecting humanity. E-commerce is pretty popular lately as it is a huge time saver and much more convenient as you can buy and get thing delivered directly to your home. Also, prices online are often cheaper so that is yet another reason of using this services. Combined with the blockchain technology, E-commerce could step up to a higher level and offer even better service, security and prices. The team behind is working on a project that will combine those two.
Omnitude is a blockchain based platform that will look to reduce the fraud in E-commerce platform with the transparent manufacture and supply chains.
It is easy to integrate it into any of already existing businesses which will certainly speed up the process of integration, and as a payment method team is introducing ECOM tokens. Being able to use one account only, across any connected site is another great plus this brilliant platform.
Check out the company’s roadmap :
Now when you are introduced to the basics of this perspective project , for all the additional information please take a look at the white paper at the following link :
Initial coin offering :
There are a couple of ways to get the tokens. One of them is through the ICO.
By participating , you are supporting the creators of the project to help them reach their goal.
Token sale is live, with the price set 0,46 USD for 1 ECOM token. Total token supply is limited 100 000 000, out of which 55% will go to the token sale.
For all the additional details please visit :
Bounty Campaigns :
Another way of participating in the project is through bounty campaigns , where you can help the creators of the project with the marketing in different ways. For example through social network like Facebook or Twitter , or even translating the project to a different language and so on.
For your participation you will be rewarded with tokens.
Additional information about the bounty campaigns you can check at the following link :
There is also an official thread at bitcointalk forum for all the fans of crypto currencies , where you are more than welcomed to join and take part in the discussion about the project. All that and more at:
About the authors of the project :
Team is led Chris Painter and Ben Bennett, who joined together to reach the goal and start the company.
We should all join and help them reach the goal as everyone could have some benefits out of it.
Take a look at the team :
As a fan of crypto currencies I find this project very interesting, and I am sure many of you out there will share my opinion.
Take a look at the and join the revolution!

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