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Hi guys , welcome back to my ICO review channel , do you remember my successful ICO review before ? Arcblock now is x2 profit in ETH price and this can x10 in the next 4 months , i also bring you Switcheo project that is listed on right now with x2 ETH price also , and in the future x100 for sure ( do not forget that this is only in bear market , many ico price are even lower than their pre-sale price ) . Today , i want to introduce you another ico , that have just published a week ago , this is still very early for you to dig deep research on this project because it is super potential and promissing , even better than Arcblock that i introduced before , with small hardcap , nice team , great idea , super advisors , and perfect timing market for ICO sale . If you are on train of this project , this will bring you at least x15 in my opinion . So keep an eyes tothis project and now i will show you what it is .
The project that i want to bring you today is Merculet - CHIEF GROWTH OFFICER OF GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR . Merculet is created to lead the transformation of turning the information-based internet into the value-based internet. Merculet will help to maximize the internet of value by becoming the ultimate solution through implementing user’s attention into enterprise growth . To go more into details .
Merculet, as the Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneurs, uses blockchain technology to transform the relation between consumer, investor and producer, provides entrepreneurs with the one-stop solution, enabling global users to monetize their attention. Meanwhile, it also helps enterprises grow their businesses by creating a mutually-positive feedback ecosystem and the redistribution of the trillion-dollar value-driven economy. Merculet hopes that every user will benefit from blockchain technology without changing their habits; every entrepreneur who cherish their users will achieve rapid growth through Merculet by providing them deeper values.
  • Merculet has built a Attention Value Network. It connects both the supply and demand sides of attention with an open protocol suite to promote a virtuous circulation of the Internet of Value. Attention Value Network consists of three core components: User Attention Value evaluation system, User Attention Token and Open Content Platform.
  • Merculet creates the User Attention Value (UAV) evaluation system to scientifically measure the value of a user’s attention. An entrepreneur can simply access the UAV system, which can seamlessly integrate with traditional reward-point systems, through a set of open protocols.
  • Merculet provides a full solution to help entrepreneurs issue UATs (User Attention Tokens), which is the designated tokens for each entrepreneur. The UAT will be anchoring the basic MVP token with different rates, enabling the synergy and the value exchange between entrepreneurs.
  • Merculet has built an open content platform that is based on consensus and driven by Tokens, becoming the sources of user attention, and encouraging all the users in the ecosystem to actively promote the positive cycle of the global content ecosystem as participants.
  • Technologically, Merculet uses multi-tier architecture to balance the performance of mass Internet users, a large number of intermediate states and the performance of the underlying public chain.
You must be very interested in this project right now , do you consider about MVP price ? their hard cap , their token allocation as well as total supply ? i will show you right now so that you can save money for this project in time .
Their total supply MVP are : 10 billion MVP
  • Their Hardcap is very small , only : 31 000 ETH
  • Their Softcap is : 10 000 ETH
The Hardcap for Private Sale : 16000 ETH
  • Price :1 ETH= 105000 MVP
  • Min Contributions: 150 ETH
  • Max Contributions: 1000 ETH
  • Vesting Period: 5 months (20% token released per month, starting from token release)
Softcap for Public Sale: 15000 ETH
  • Price 1 ETH = 87500 MVP
  • Min Contributions: 0.1 ETH
  • Max Contributions: 5 ETH
  • No vesting period
NOTE : KYC Request for Private Sale and Public Sale , prepare everything must be ready for KYC , do not miss it because that you can not pass KYC , this is bullshit reason and very pity
I hope like my review and consider about investing in this project , i will bet 30% of my assets right now on this Merculet , in the next review i will show you their solution, technology , their advisor and their team so that i can build your trust for Merculet . 
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