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Due to the presence of modern technology like internet, the activities of looking for and finding jobs should be easier. It is because of the communication among people is possible to be conducted real time even if they are separated by long distance. However, all of those matters should not be smoothly done without being supported by media like in the form of platform. Interestingly, there is now LanceChain, a decentralized marketplace to connect the project owners and freelancers. With the implementation of Blockchain technology, peer-to-peer interaction is possible for more benefits of the two parties.
About LanceChain
LanceChain is established by the experts in the area of Blockchain and social media platforms. Rather than using common and conventional media without any certain purpose, this platform is more recommended for certain reasons. All the freelancers are already filtered into them who are really professional and capable. Meanwhile, a series of test is also conducted to make sure that they are really professionals and giving their best to do the jobs. Meanwhile, they also have some rights to communicate directly to the job owners. Maybe, there are things to be negotiated like in term of the projects themselves and also the payment. This way, both parties involved are beneficial. Visit the official website (
Vision and Mission
The main vision and mission of LanceChain establishment is to help people to fulfill their necessities in the area of looking for and giving jobs. Different from other methods in which the platform is functioned as the third party, LanceChain doesn’t work that way. it is purely giving the environment, not as the third party. Meanwhile, the freelancers and job owners can also be closer through some features available including the chat and even video call. Despite the freelancers have been selected by the system of LanceChain, it is possible also for the job owners to choose their own favorite workers. It should be a challenge for the workers to be more professionals in doing their jobs. Read more on the whitepaper
LanceChain is indeed established to give more benefits for the two parties involved. For the first benefit, it is clear enough how this platform helps them to be connected and communicated easily to reach a certain goal. Second, it is really easy to use LanceChain. It is in the form of app to be installed on the Smartphone and any other devices. Third, there is a guarantee that both sides will be satisfying in the end. Fourth, the platform is equipped by high security system to avoid any terrible cases like the fraud and scam. Lastly, since there is no third party, it means that there is zero commission to spend also. So, while the job owners can spend less money, the freelancer can get more money as well.
The main reasons why LanceChain doesn’t require any third party for every transaction is due to the application of Blockchain. Blockchain allows the platform to adapt the decentralized system in which all the data are kept in many devices included in one network. This matter also makes LanceChain becomes more secured but also transparent.
Token Information
LanceChain runs on their tokens with the same name and has a symbol of LANC. LANC token allocation includes the fundraiser for around 50%, partnerships for 20%, future development reserve for 20%, and the team or founders only for 10%. There is possibility to use any other Cryptocurrency in the LanceChain environment. Besides, the members can also do some exchanges. Then, the details of token are described below.
Token Details
Token name : LANC
Platform : Ethereum
Token Type : Utility Token
Interface : ERC-20
Token Sale
Max Supply : 96.8 Million
Soft Cap : $1,000,000 USD
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