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There's just a few weeks of the Knowledge ICO remaining with their website showing a large number of tokens already sold.
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The concept of is quite rudimentary if truth be told. The idea is to provide a knowledge sharing platform whereby individuals will be able to earn money as a result of helping out others with their knowledge. Of course, this is where the digital currency is going to come into play, but there are still a number of different questions to be asked about this service before you get to the point of potentially investing in its ICO.

What is

The platform is rather simplistic in its approach. An expert will appear on the platform, and when asked a question that they can answer, they will then be given a reward in tokens that can then be redeemed for real-life rewards. The information and users are verified on the blockchain which also then means that there are various security measures that are put into place that will prove to be useful for the platform.
Ultimately, it is run along similar lines to a question and answer websites but at least with this approach there is a reward system that is likely to attract the attention of potential users.

The Technical Aspect of

The Knowledge platform is based on Ethereum so it does then provide a sense of security as well as stability, which will always prove to be rather important for this kind of service. Furthermore, it is well known that Ethereum is easier to scale upwards as and when required without it having a negative impact on the overall stability of the service or product on offer. You should also be aware that they are using an ERC20 token, which is also pretty commonplace with the current crop of ICOs.
The experts that appear on the platform are ranked according to their level of expertise. This is clearly a useful approach as it will differentiate between the real experts and those with just slightly more knowledge than average. The rewards that are then given will be linked directly to the level of expertise, which is also perfectly fair.
All of this information is verified via the blockchain to make sure that individuals are aware of who they are using as an expert and that information cannot then be altered. In addition, they will use a review system for the experts to help others when it comes to them making their decision as to who they will ask. Once more, these reviews are stored via the blockchain so they cannot be altered by anybody and it also offers complete transparency.

The Advantages of Using Knowledge

There are clearly a number of advantages of using Knowledge, and that does mean that it makes sense for them to have their own digital currency operating on their platform.
However, it is the structure associated with their experts that offers the best advantage to the overall product. By creating both interest and knowledge lines, which details the reason as to why they are experts in certain areas, it provides a greater confidence that they will be able to deliver a definitive answer as and when required. Of course, trust in this kind of product will always prove to be the most important part which is why the team behind the platform have sought to make it a central part of their entire approach.
Aside from that, being offered some of the digital currency as a reward, which can then be used for real-life purchases, is certainly enough of an incentive to get people to sign up as an expert. Also, there may very well be a sense that experts being rewarded for their knowledge is easier to swallow for the user than any other option.
Ultimately, providing a platform for people to share their knowledge with those that are seeking answers will always have a role to play.

The Financial Aspect and ICO.

For the sake of the ICO, there are a number of important snippets of information to take into consideration. First, they do allow BTC, LTC and ETH as a purchasing currency, which is certainly in line with the majority of cryptocurrency companies that have launched their own ICO.
The token sale ends on the 8th of April, however it may hit it's hardcap of $65 million sooner.
You will also find that there is a minimum investment to take part in the ICO, and this varies depending on the cryptocurrency that you have used to make your initial purchase. If you use BTC, then the minimum investment is 0.01BTC, it is 0.1ETH and finally it is 0.5LTC.
They have also set the price per token for the ICO. It has been established at any easy to follow $1 per KNW token, but clearly you need to still convert it into that digital currency to see how many tokens you will receive per your investment.

Overall Conclusion About Knowledge and the ICO.

So, should you consider investing in Knowledge? The concept is certainly sound but the main issue has to be in getting enough users to the platform to then ultimately push the value of the token in an upwards direction. Having people asking questions will prove to be relatively easy as the key is in the experts side of things as that is where life could end up being slightly more difficult.
If you are wondering as to why people would use this service rather than just Googling it themselves, then the answer has to lie in there being this personal touch. That is something that is still important to a number of people, and it is the point at which this approach can become a winner.
Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not you should invest in this ICO comes down to how much you believe in the service that they offer. There are websites out there that deal in this kind of industry, and they are rather well established. However, they use a fiat currency as the payment option, so it does not take a huge leap in the imagination to get to using a cryptocurrency instead. If you feel that this will indeed not pose a problem, then even carrying out the minimum investment may indeed prove to be worth your while.
The team behind this platform also seems to have a lot of experience which is always one of the most important aspects of any ICO.
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