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Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes. Ironically, even though almost all cultures associate it as a vice, its pull remains omnipresent and it has a market in almost every country.
Due to the vast sums of money being gambled, the companies participating in this market pull in strong earnings. Interestingly, as this is a market where niche products can be offered (gambling can be marketed to any crowd willing to bet on something), newcomers often find a smooth entry.
As a result, the gambling market has established goliaths, powerhouse start-ups, and many regionally dominant brands. There is plenty of money to go around in this industry. This is why it's understandable that many blockchain projects target this market--also, the fact transparency is a heavy need in the gambling market.
JoyToken aims to target this market too but it has an approach different from all other present players. JoyToken intends to create a platform where individuals can become game developers and can reap instant rewards from the success of their (gambling) games. This piece intends to explore the potential valuation reach of JoyToken.

A Look at Competition

The gambling market has some major corporations that hold multi-billion-dollar earnings every year. This has allowed some of the gambling market players to reach massive heights. The Las Vegas Sands Corp., for example, has a market cap of almost 60 billion dollars.
Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts, which are primarily driving revenues from gambling-related activities, both have market caps in the tens of billions. Clearly, the long-term potential is huge in the gambling industry and, even at the top echelon, market share is well spread.
However, many small players with innovative ideas have seen quick adoption in the gambling market. This is particularly true for sports betting applications and fantasy draft apps which are associated as alternate gambling. JoyTokenintends to capitalize on this desire for innovative concepts that gamblers are hungry for.
Blockchain startups often ambitiously aim to target industries that have traditionally had strong entry barriers. Given that gambling is a market where start-ups with innovative ideas have seen an easy footing, JoyToken is one of the projects, which launching an ICO, with a potential to swiftly become an active, established product in its target market. Moreover, the trillion dollar gambling market is seeing a shift towards the digital sphere; JoyToken is well-positioned to take advantage of this shift.
A concept where innovative, new ideas can find an opportunity to flourish in the gaming industry has the potential to successfully chase the massive sums corporations like Las Vegas Sands are drawing.

JoyToken is a new blockchain-powered platform that will allow developers to create games for the mass market on the JoyToken platform. As a game draws in revenues, developers are given immediate rewards. This offers an opportunity for anyone to profit from the vastly lucrative gambling market.

Opportunity for Everyone

The gambling market draws in huge sums; in fact, just online gambling is expected to reach wagers as high as a trillion in just a couple years. In the age of the internet, making money online is nothing odd. However, making money online in the online gambling market is quite tough. The only potential you have is by becoming a top-ranked lead-generator for online casinos—or you could build your own casino.
Both of these prospects are challenging to say the least. Developing a constant flow of leads for casino sites it something the top-tier marketers, like Neil Patel, aim for. They have the uncompetable SEO expertise and easily dominate the SERP. Given that the first page on Google gets over 90% of the traffic, new entrants, even the ones who are extremely talented marketers, have little possibility of driving leads for at least a couple of years. The latter, building a casino, is quite a ridiculous proposition due to the legal and capital requirements. However, JoyToken offers the next best solution.

You Don’t Have to Build a Casino

JoyToken has built the online casino infrastructure for you. Now, its offering you (and anyone else) the opportunity to become a part of it. You can benefit from the online casino market by simply developing a game that others will enjoy. Without having to build your own online casino, you can benefit from having a personal audience to your game. This project brings an opportunity for anyone: you no longer need access to a massive amount of funds or marketing expertise to benefit from the online gambling market boom.
Additionally, JoyToken is utilizing blockchain technology to offer transparency throughout the transactional process. Of course, this is appealing to gamers, but developers will be able to securely monitor the flow of their payments.
Now, anyone can develop an income from the massive online gambling market. While the lead generation competition is extremely stiff, gamers continuously seek new innovative games to try, and anyone with a new idea can now bring their game to life via JoyToken’s platform. This is a mutually beneficial system where JoyToken is able to earn by offering a platform, gamers are able to enjoy refreshing, new games, and developers can drive a potentially massive income by developing a popular online (gambling) game.

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