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Flux is trying to improve gaming technology compatible with blockchain and crypto currency technologies. This platform helps players, developers, traders, and communities to get a lot of benefits including Flux coins. Moreover, gamers can buy their favorite games whereas game developers can broadcast their latest game. Traders can also buy and sell any kind of gaming items to trusted target market. Flux is developed as a reliable gaming marketplace where game lovers can do anything such as buying items, improving characters, improving skills, and many more and even earn some Flux coins as a commission. This platform shows how crypto currency and blockchain technology work in gaming industry.
What is Flux ?
Flux is a gaming platform based on Blockchain technology. By using this platform, all parties have a chance to monetize games to earn Flux coins. Flux is designed as a beneficial platform for all users by giving specific rewards from their activities. The users are able to join tournaments or competitions, buy and sell items, and share their works. Those activities are done in a single platform only. Flux is also a platform which accommodates people who want to use crypto currency and even get it more in gaming industry. Flux is developed along with smart contract which make this platform saver and transparent for all users.
Vision and Mission
Previously, gaming industry is only for specific parties such as developers or stakeholders. Today, Flux wants to make it different by offering a platform which gives benefits for all users including gamers, developers, traders, and stakeholders. As the result, there will be a significant improvement in all aspects including gaming industry, gaming market trading, streaming industry, and many more. Flux is designed as a comfortable and safe gaming platform along with Blockchain technology and crypto currency. The final goal is to make gaming industry more interesting and beneficial for game lovers along with friendly and easy to use features and technology. Even, users are able to develop the platform into a suitable platform to follow the development in gaming industry. Read more on the whitepaper
Flux gives more advantages for all users and it is never been done by any kind of traditional gaming platforms. Game investors earn Flux coins through games whereas developers can upload their games and earn coins anytime gamers play the game or buy items. Gamers get more benefits by sharing their favorite game, following tournaments and get rewards, and many more. You can also be a trader and earn coins through game items trading. Even if you only share or repost the game because you love its elements you can also earn some coins. In short, everyone who involve on Flux will get advantages whether for its interesting deals or Flux coins earning.
One of the interesting platforms used in Flux is matchmaking platform. Matchmaking provides users with the list of games and play on it to get some money. This platform is compatible with smart contract so the system will be more transparent and safe. Moreover, you have a chance to earn real money with your gaming skill and play your favorite games from your beloved devices.
Flux coins are used to support any kind of activities while using Flux platform. You need to spend $0.5 to get 1 Flux coin. Later, the coin is useful to buy items, play some games, transfer, and many more. Flux coins can be exchanged into different crypto currencies such as USDT, DASH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.
Token Detail
Token Symbol: FLUX
Protocol : Ethereum (ERC20)
Total emmission: 250 000 000 FLUX
Token Exchange rate: 1 FLUX TOKEN = 0.5$
Token Sale Public stage will take place on April, 17
Soft cap: ACHIEVED
Hard cap: 20 000 000 USD
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