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Have you ever wondered how a lottery game was built? A lottery game which was built on the blockchain of Ethereum will be soon a leading and important innovation across the world especially in lottery industry. The industry of lottery holds almost 29% share of the gambling world revenue. Unfortunately, it faces a challenge because of the growth of economy of digital. Many countries demand for more fair and transparent services of lottery game.
The decentralized, distributed blockchain technology can offer great opportunities for other people for financial technology as well as gaming industry. A system of gaming itself built according to the use of the blockchain of Ethereum. It operates with n autonomy with a high degree. The records and data inside of the system will be stored cryptographically in a public which is decentralized by blockchain. In today’s article we will give you information about platform related to lottery industry. Visit the official website (
[About Fire Lotto]
Fire Lotto is specifically designed to be a platform for lottery game in a completely decentralized and fully transparent for conducting and organizing a lottery based on technology of blockchain and smart contracts of ETH. It can distribute and collect funds, pay lottery sales of ticket commission to holders of token and also draw numbers that are the winning prize in a random way.
In Fire Lotto, the pool of the prize is created from around 70% of the funds collected from the sales of ticket. The size’s minimum of jackpot that is guaranteed is at 1000 ETH or it is worth USD 1,000,000. If there is no one wins in the jackpot prize in a drawing, it will be saved and rolled over for the next increased and drawing. The value of the jackpot will keep increasing until it finds the real winner. Read more on the whitepaper
There are a lot of advantages if you trust this platform as your lottery game media. They are including:
  • The prize pool amount can increase up to millions of dollars
  • It is impossible to fake lottery tickets and winning number
  • The initial prize pool is more than USD 1 million
  • A record 60% of collection funds from the sales of ticket will be for the prize pool
  • The lottery is according to the blockchain of ETH. All the lottery’s parameters are included in the code of program that can be accessed publicly.
  • It is impossible to ban the lottery.
  • You only need cryptocurrency wallet and Internet access to play the lottery
  • Payout and distribution procedures are fully transparent because it is supported by smart contracts
  • There is mobile version too
  • The interface is user-friendly and comfortable
This Fire Lotto platform uses two types of lotteries. They are draw lotteries and instant lotteries. This platform uses the Roger’s Wheel which is the mixing of a slot machine and a wheel of fortune. In this lottery game, the player can put the bets. The range of the bets is starting from 0,003 ETH or USD 2.00 to 1 ETH or USD 1,000,000. After that, the player picks a rate of payout from 2 to 20 which can be used to multiply his or her winnings later. And then, the player can spin the wheel. If he or she gets in his or her chosen rate, he or she will win and the payout will be transferred to the wallet of cryptocurrency.
Now, let’s talk about the token. In Fire Lotto, there are 100 million tokens that will be distributed. The cost of one token will be explained below:
  • 0.50 $ in15 March 12.00 UTC until 21 March 12.00 UTC
  • 0.60 $ in 21 March 12.00 UTC until 27 March 12.00 UTC
  • 0.70 $ in 27 March 12.00 UTC until 2 April 12.00 UTC
  • 0.80 $ in 02 April 12.00 UTC until 08 April 12.00 UTC
  • 0.90 $ in 08 April 12.00 UTC until 15 April 12.00 UTC
And one token will be sold for USD 0.38 during the private round or pre-ICO.
Token Details
Token Name : FLOT
Token Price : USD 0.70
Token Protocol : Ethereum
Payment Accepted : USD
Token Sales
Total Supply : 100,000,000 FLOT
For Sale : 77,000,000 FLOT
Hard Cap : 7,000,000 FLOT (2 Million USD)
Soft Cap : 51,500,000 FLOT (15 Million USD)
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