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All sort of crypto projects utilizing blockchain tech are being born, it is just an unbelievable event. Now that the price is no longer the main story we can finally focus on the important stuff. Changing people lives by advancing the current ineffective process of conducting business. Blockchain tech can save and improve our lives beyond our wildest imagination! We just have to embrace it, and that is the process that does not always come quickly, but it will come.
One of those innovative projects that are changing people lives for the better, is our next story. It is called Equitybase ( ). A lot of people have amassed fortunes in crypto wealth and are looking to diversify. Real estate comes to the mind of many investors, but investing in that field is not always easy as it seems. Now it will be with Equitybase solution! They are building a platform for real estate investments. They use blockchain technology to cut down fees and transactions, also gaining trust as blockchain is transparent and immutable. You can use exchange platform to invest or divest out of great real estate units. Each real estate will be represented with tokens, and they represent a share in a real estate. It is one of the great benefits of tokens. Smart contracts are in place to provide fair arrangements and settlements. Once smart contract is agreed on it can not be changed and is executed by blockchain. Equitybase is using Ethereum based tokens and smart contracts. With Equitybase you get quick investment, but also you can get out quickly, simply selling your shares on the internal market. It is much easier than standard way, in which you cant quickly liquidate your position. Sometimes quick divest is essential and can mean life or death for investors, in the terms of bankrupcy. Native token that is fueling the ecosystem is called BASE. It is issued on Ethereum and is ERC compatible. BASE token is the so called king token of the platform. It can be transfered outside of the platform and sold or exchanged. Inside the platform it is used to buy shares in real estate, or better called security tokens that represent a share. Equity Invest is one of the smart contracts operating on the platform. Its purpose is to collect data about a new listing, timestamp it, let know the investors that new listing is available. It will also contain general info about investment advices for the particular real estate. Another important part is Equity Exchange on which you can do business, trade or sell and buy. There is also Equity Reserve which guarantees a buyback of investors securities. Your dashboard will contain all the important data, and is nicely graphicalluy done. It is full of tools and data and is orientated on the user. Equitybase is finnaly changing the industry of investment in real estate, where anybody is able to participate!
They are also planning a token sale. You will be able to participate in the future, support the project and in return receive tokens! Token price is set at 1 ETH for 3000 BASE tokens. You can participate until 30.4. here on their main web page:
ICO is one way to earn tokens, but there is also another one. You can work on the marketing campaigns and earn yourself tokens. Work includes social media campaigns, signature campaigns, translations and other jobs which can help spread word about the project. You can check the rules here:
If you want to know the details about this project, your sure bet is to head on the link and read the whitepaper which contains all information about Equitybase. You can find it here:
Bitcointalk has also a thread for general discussion where you can ask all your questions:
Participate and support Equitybase:

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