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Elementh is a blockchain designed for the e-commerce sector. This is a list of "goods ownership", which has the ability to write a special smart contract and use nomenclature standards to quickly create decentralized and centralized apps.

Nomenclature of Unified Goods

One of the main features of Elementh is the availability of a uniform nomenclature. To ensure that the item card is as accurate and accurate as possible, and to reduce the chances of making a duplicate card, the cost of making and using the card will be different. To create merchandise cards, participants must pay, for example 1 EEE (the price will be determined by choosing a delegate). When the owner adds items to the system, he is offered to use an existing card or create a new one. The use of existing cards costs 100 times less than the new ones (for example, 0.01 EEE). The cardholder receives a gift for each owner of the goods using his card, and also to make transactions using this card. Each participant in the system can complete the information in the existing card,

Originality of goods

The items in the system are in one copy and if the goods with the same serial number are added to the system, each dApp can notify the buyer that the origin of the item is unknown. If the ownership chain is from the manufacturer, the authenticity of the goods will be made throughout the network.

Elementh's goal is to create alternative protocols for decentralized application development used by e-commerce, provide the standard quality nomenclature, guarantee the ownership of certain products and the ability to make smart contracts specific to e-commerce. Elementh will achieve it by creating blockchain with the Turing-complete built-in programming language, enabling everyone to write smart contracts and decentralized apps, enabling the use of integrated product cards, e-commerce transactions and ownership transfers.


In 2016, global retail e-commerce sales reached $ 1.915 trillion. They are expected to increase to $ 4.058 trillion.
The biggest market in the world is Amazon. Revenue exceeds $ 125 billion by 2016.
The largest holding company in China is Alibaba Group.
Elementh Blockchain can be used by the world's online markets and stores for their nomenclature standards and goods systems. E-commerce is a growing market in all countries and the popularity of a decentralized market is a boon for the Elementh Foundation. If we are going to partner with all new markets, our blockchain can be standard in the e-commerce market.


2012 - Establishment of MIIIX company

2012 - Investment from RSV Business Partners and business people

2014 - The number of product categories is 1000

2016 - In the MIIIX database there are 70 million SKUs in 30,000 product categories, 1000 stores from various industries, clients from small shops to the largest portals in e-commerce (Sberbank AST)

2017 - Transition to blockchain technology with introduction of opensource project Elementh

01/2018 - Private Pre-SALE (15.01 - 31.01)
Whitelist only; min. 10ETH or 1BTC; max. 100 buyers;

02/2018 - Pre-ICO (01.02 - 14.02)
min. 1ETH or 0.1BTC; max. 1000 buyers; 1EEE = 0.0001ETH; BONUS white list: Day one: 30%, Day 2: 15%

03/2018 - ICO (01.03 - 31.03)
1EEE = 0.0002ETH; BONUS white list: Day one: 30%, Day 2: 15%

06/2018 - Alpha-Elementh version of blockchain

09/2018 - TestNet blockchain element

12/2018 - Launch of Elementh blockade

03/2019 - Launch of the first DAPP

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