Deep Aero SWOT Review Best ICO 2018

Deep Aero is tailored to suit the major problem of drone technology through the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain, which are two extremely important technological frontiers of this decade.
Read on to learn about this project’s strengths.

Deep Aero SWOT 

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.

Starting off with strengths.
Deep Aero can revolutionize the drone industry because at this moment, you cannot fly drones in certain areas of cities or even towns. Some countries are allowing only drone license-holders the permission to fly a drone and that too in selected areas.
With Deep Aero, anybody can pick up a drone and fly it around because the drone industry will build on blockchain thereby making it easier and more accessible to track drones in the aviation industry. Unfortunately, there is currently no technology invented to track drones and prevent them from affecting the proper functioning of airports, military bases, and restricted areas.
This means if you fly a drone now to an airport, it could lead to airport closure for minutes because the air traffic radar cannot detect these small drones which may hinder aircraft routes. Deep Aero’s strength is that it leverages AI and blockchain to revolutionize the entire drone industry.

The aviation industry is a trillion-dollar business and the introduction and implementation of blockchain technology in this market is possible. However, this can only be possible if major airlines united together and share the same view to allow blockchain to enter this market.
There is some light here, though. Deep Aero is based in UAE, a country where the government has already plans to integrate blockchain technology in all public transactions. This country happens to be the global leader of aviation with top 5 airlines such as Emirates and Etihad. Deep Aero’s strategic location choice could allow it an easy entry point for merging blockchain and aviation tech.

As mentioned earlier, aviation is a trillion-dollar industry and businesses are taking steps to implement drones in their delivery process and operations. That means drones are expected to become a more important asset in the aviation industry as businesses will have an increasingly important reliance on them.
Deep Aero is launching its plan to merge blockchain and drone tech right when both these technological developments are gaining steam.

Deep Aero is trying to twine 3 major technological frontiers at once. It aims to leverage AI and blockchain to enhance the drone market. Such ambitions are common in the blockchain market but can cause a company to run its resources too thin.
However, since Deep Aero has a team cored on many technology experts in all 3 fields, it has the manpower to pull off this ambitious goal.
Deep Aero is a project with brilliant technology backing an idea to bring a solution into the real world. That’s not common for projects launching ICOs these days.

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