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Lots of brilliant minds are rushing to what seems to be a new paradigm. The blockchain is so lucrative that it is expanding so quickly, even exchanges can't operate at that pace. Crypto scene is growing bigger by the day, many people are entering, and many brilliant projects are born. People are starting to realize it is not just a get rich fast scheme, but that we can all benefit from the blockchain technology. We can transform the way we work, think and act.
The subject of our next story is a crypto project, called CashBag ( ). The team behind the project has recognized the importance of crypto and its tokens for the online and brick and mortar payments. Thus, they have created a network, a system that brings together merchants and customers on one platform. It is accessible via mobile apps and desktop computers. CashBag is a cash back program, a pilot program was launched in South Africa, and was an instant success. CashBag has partnerships with numerous merchants which are ready to do cashback with customers and boost their profits that way. Crypto is getting big, and buying the power of early crypto backers is big. But, it is not only for early adopters, it is for everybody. Once you try crypto payments you don't go back. They will also issue physical card, which will be used to pay wherever you are! Ventures can also advertise on the platform, boosting profits that way and getting biger outreach! Native token on the platform is ERC compatible, issued on Ethereum network. It will fule eco system and is called CBC. You will be able to spend it via card, online to pay goods and services, exchange it, send it and much more. With CashBag everyone is in a plus, boosting their savings on customer side, and their revenues on venture side!
CashBag is led by Jonathan Miller and Kirsty Henderson. They have a lot of people in helping them out with their high expertise. Together they have knowledge and ability to fight with every challenge that comes their way.
They are also planning a token sale. You will be able to participate in the future, support the project and in return receive tokens! Price is 1 ETH = 6000 CBC tokens, but there are great bonuses available if you participate early. You can buy them until 9.4.You can participate here on their main web page:
ICO is one way to earn tokens, but there is also another one. You can work on the marketing campaigns and earn yourself tokens. Work includes social media campaigns, signature campaigns, translations and other jobs which can help spread word about the project. You can check the rules here:
If you want to know the details about this project, your sure bet is to head on the link and read the whitepaper which contains all information about CashBag. You can find it here:
Bitcointalk has also a thread for general discussion where you can ask all your questions:
Participate and support CashBag:

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