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One of the weakness of our education system that we have nowadays is its inflexibility. This factor may hinder the ability of tutors and teachers from delivering personalized learning. This undoubtedly goes against the grain of every teacher’s dream to deliver not only the best educative materials, but also the most fitting learning process needed by each student.
A different student requires different learning process for it to be effective. However two limiting factors such as time constraint and large class size make it virtually impossible for teachers to give each of their students equal attention. Meanwhile tutors must also face other problems such as insufficient knowledge on a student’s understanding on a particular topic.
BitSchool’s Vision and Mission
No one summarized the vision and mission better than its own CEO, Tom Ku. BitSchool aims to not only revolutionize what tutors teach, but also how tutors teach their pupils. By leveraging Blockchain technology to perfect its impeccable personalized learning, the platform is also equipped with Artificial Intelligence.
This unique combination provides learners with the ability to receive targeted lesson that does not only meet their choosen pathways – but also their individual learning styles and needs. BitSchool personalized learning starts from assessment of individual’s understanding on the subject and the progress of their studies. This assessment will undoubtedly allow tutors and teaches to plan and offer appropriate plans.
Not only that the assessment process will also help tutors and teachers to accurately deliver lessons that fit learners’ individual needs and goals. This assessment will also help learners understand their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing these two factors, learners will be aware of where to start. With assessments running regularly, learners are ensured of systematic studies that fit their learning progress. Read more on the whitepaper
Advantages for both tutors and learners
As we have established from the beginning, BitSchool’s are able to provide a myriad of advantages. However, these advantages are not restricted to learners. Tutors or teachers are also rewarded with advantages by using the BitSchool platform. Yes, tutors no longer have to worry about not being able to deliver the appropriate materials. Some of which due to their lack of preparation or in-depth knowledge on said subject.
The BitSchool platform is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, providing automated intelligent-generated learning resources. These learning resources are chosen to fit your learner’s preferences and personal learning style. Not only in the form of text materials, these resources are also completed with videos and other supporting materials.
For learners, the platform offers an incredible personalized learning environment. Powered by Artifical Intelligence technology, the platform is also assisted with the infamous BitSchool on Demand Tutors. This feature provides learners with a wide range of micro-lessons. The BitSchool platform offers these micro lessons to help out learners addressing specific tasks or questions.
This impressive collaboration between human and technology is as ideal as its is functional. Not only does it create perfectly personalized learning environment, its solid foundation also helps learners to study effectively using its systematic learning. Tutors and teachers are also given the ability to provide them with fitting learning system and educational ecosystem. To learn more about the platform and its token sale, head over to
Token Information
  • Token Name: BitSchool Token (BSCH)
  • Funding coins: ETH
  • Total Token supply: 400,000,000 Tokens
  • Max Cap (Max Public Funding Target): 300,000,000 Tokens
  • Min Cap (Min Public Funding Target): 4,000,000 Tokens
  • Token exchange rate: 1ETH=6000 Token
  • Minimum purchase: 0.01ETH
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