BitGuild Ico Review Best ICO 2018

Blockchain Meets Video Games

BitGuild (PLAT) is the new-generation decentralized gaming platform; it provides a spectrum of revolutionary features and it deciphers the difficulties faced by gamers of today's world.
BitGuild has a comprehensive team who are adroit and have decades of experience in the gaming industry such as CEO Jared Psigoda, who is Founder of Livestar, which is a social live video streaming platform and former CEO for around 8 years at Reality Squared Games. The advisory board at Bitguild has skillful and knowledgeable individuals such as Brock Pierce who is Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, Justin Sun who is the founder and mastermind behind TRON, which is a top 15 coin in terms of market cap. When you such a strong team, with CEOs from the gaming industry and cryptocurrency sphere, develops a product, the idea can be expected to be revolutionary.
BitGuild is solving the difficulties faced by gamers in present days. BitGuild will allow to transfer from one game to another, which will lead to spending less time and effort on the other games. For example, the most common problem among FIFA gamers are the Ultimate Team players is that they cannot be transferred to the next FIFA game. Imagine if you had Ronaldo in FIFA 17 and you could still use Ronaldo in FIFA 18 so that would lead you to spend less time on trading or spending less money on buying FIFA points or coins.

Power to the Gamers

Your in-game items, currencies, equipment, and even your account is not owned by you.
Through common Terms of Service (TOS) agreements, all assets relating to current games are owned and controlled by the companies that develop them. This means that if the game ever shuts down or you move on to a different game, all the time and money you spent and the progress that you have achieved would be gone forever.
On the Bit-Guild platform, every single thing you earn or purchase in-game belongs to you and exists securely on the blockchain. As long as you control your private key, passphrase, and any secure information tied to your wallet, everything is owned by you.

BitGuild is a Pioneer

BitGuild is the pioneer of a new-generation wallet. For the first time in history, your wallet will essentially will serve as your inventory for all the games that you have played. The wallet will show the PLAT balance alongside all the in-game assets and progress. Through BitGuild’s Virtual Asset Exchange, you can even safely put up an item for sale.
The BitGuild Design House will provide funding for game developers who want to create a game or have created a game and require funding. Players will analyze the detailed information of the game, then they can choose to contribute to their preferred project using their PLAT balance. According to analysts, the gaming industry is worth over $100 billion in annual revenue. However, still we are facing loads of problems in this $100 billion industry; large companies taking a large percentage of revenue simply for publishing the game, payment sometimes takes up to 60 days, the payment system is opaque, and distribution is unfair.
The root of problem lies in the centralized platform which is being used by the gaming industry; blockchain is the key to solve all these problems and evolve the gaming industry. In conclusion, BitGuild is at the forefront of revolutionizing the gaming industry through its use of the custom ERC20 PLAT token on the Ethereum network.

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