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The project has set its stall out from early on as to the market that it plans on targeting with its cryptocurrency. That market is the debit card industry, but they plan on offering people the opportunity to use their cryptocurrencies as a source of funding rather than relying entirely on the fiat currencies that are in their bank account. There are other digital currencies out there that offer this exact same thing, so is there anything different to be aware of before you go ahead and consider investing in their ICO?

What is Amon?

Amon sees themselves as being a debit card provider for those everyday purchases. However, they plan on using advanced artificial intelligence technology to deliver the best cryptocurrency prices to those individuals that hold their digital wallet, so the users are able to get even more out of their initial investments.
They state that their platform is able to contend with the two most pressing issues when it comes to other attempts at using a debit card in line with cryptocurrencies. Those issues are the actual volatility of the currency as well as being able to convert the currencies in real-time. Their AI platform deals with both of these issues meaning the debit card that they offer can operate along similar lines as the more conventional version.

The Technical Aspect of Amon.

Of course, we also need to look at things from a technical perspective, and the first point to mention is that the platform has been built on Ethereum bringing with it a number of positives including stability, the ease of scalability, and also various security aspects that are essential when dealing with this particular market. Also, the token is an ERC20 token, but considering the product and service that is on offer with Amon; it is still better to use their own digital wallet rather than focusing on other versions from Ethereum.
Upon getting to the point of making a purchase, the individual can select the preferred cryptocurrency via an app. The technology then seeks to offer the best rate for the payment to hopefully allow individuals to save some money when they make any purchase.
For the tokens, then they are going to play a rather specific role in the entire process. By holding the tokens, you will be given discounted fees as well as an increased level of customer service alongside the potential to earn interest on your tokens via masternodes. The actual discount does depend on the level of card that you have as well as different limits on what can be spent at any given time. In other words, the token allows you to get access to the various services that are on offer from Amon which is why it holds a central role in the development of the entire platform.
When making a purchase, the request is placed on the blockchain with the link being completed by your choice of cryptocurrency that is within your digital wallet. The transaction is completely transparent and runs along familiar lines to other cryptocurrencies that are effectively offering a service in exchange for their digital tokens.

The Advantages of Amon.

There are various advantages associated with Amon, and perhaps the main one has to be the AI aspect linked to the debit card. By being able to provide you with the best conversion rates, which are then dealt with immediately, there is some sense in the statement that it could lead to individuals saving money. However, this could be a bit hit and miss at times, but the concept is fair and strong.
Also, they state that those gold and platinum card holders will be able to receive 0.5% cashback on their purchases, which may not sound like much but it does make a difference.

The Financial Aspect and ICO.

There are ample details out there on the financial side of things as well as the ICO. They accept both BTC and ETH as payment options for the ICO and there is a soft cap of $3 million (already reached) along with a hard cap of $25 million.
For the ICO, they have stated that each token will be sold at a price of $0.05. However, there is a problem in that both the USA and China are restricted areas when it comes to this as a potential investment, so if you are in either country then you may need to look at something different.
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Overall Conclusion About Amon and the ICO.

To conclude, this is certainly an attractive proposition as the ability to use various cryptocurrencies that are then converted into fiat currencies via a debit card could prove to be rather popular. However, they do need to be able to show that they can indeed get the best rates and that it is done in an instant rather than falling short in any way. This, in turn, will build confidence in the product leading to an increase in the value of the coins making it a more valuable investment for individuals.
They are not the only cryptocurrency platform providers that are going to use the debit card approach to pull people in, and their tokens act as a means to get a number of benefits. Once again, this is not new but as long as they do follow through on what they offer, then this should not then become an issue.
The concept and product is good enough to survive but it all depends on the level of uptake that they are able to achieve. If they can convince enough users of cryptocurrency that this is a way to use it in the real world, and their fees are not too high, then you can see why it could end up being a rather attractive proposition to various people.
From an investment point of view, it all depends on how you view the potential but with the number of people that use debit cards to make purchases, then getting even a small percentage of that market could be lucrative for the entire platform. Check out further details about the platform on their website. You'll also receive a 2% additional bonus when you sign up with my link:

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