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You are new people in buying and trading cryptocurrency, you want to how to buy bitcoin, or how to set up an ethereum wallet, and struggle to understand the technical aspects behind it. With Alpha,
  • We to arm newcomers with the knowledge and the software to start trading and buying cryptocurrency correctly
  • We want to make it fun and easy to learn
  • The Alpha platform will teach a wide range of lessons to newcomers, and will reward each lesson completed with some Alpha tokens

What is The Alpha platform?

The Alpha platform is designed to teach new users a variety of lessons and reward them for completion. Rewards will be issued in the form of Alpha tokens.


Alpha is an ERC20 token built on the ethereum network. The ethereum network was chosen due to its integration with smart contracts.
Smart contracts allow us to set rewards for each lesson offered and have the conditions met before an allocation of the tokens. There is a total supply of 420,000,000 tokens available. Each token has 18 decimal places to it.
The ticker symbol for the Alpha token is ALPHA. This token is currently a verified token on the etherscan platform.

Why will people choose to use ALPHA over other cryptocurrencies?

  • ALPHA will be branded as the most user friendly cryptocurrency due to its simplicity. Many newcomers to cryptocurrency will be familiar with the token after taking the course and will not struggle to invest in it or use it on exchanages/stores.
  • ALPHA may one day be the entry cryptocurrency for newcomers. We aim to make it easy to purchase ALPHA directly on the platform and to exchange it easily.
  • With a strong name among investors, and a wide spread reach among many who have learned on the platform, many will turn to Alpha as a long term choice.

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