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More and more people are using cryptocurrency and this good sign have to be supported by a supportive platform. Xtrad is developed to support the use of cryptocurrency whether for finance and trading. By using Xtrad platform you can get more access in utilize cryptocurrency to create efficient and effective markets. Moreover, Xtrad leads cryptocurrency traders to achieve higher liquidity, lower fees, and multiple platforms. To keep the system secure, Xtrad is using several features so users use the platform comfortably and safety. The challenge is to make new users sure that they can use the platform easier and faster to keep them away from negative assumption.
What is Xtrad ?
Xtrad platform is developed to accommodate people who want to invest their money on cryptocurrency. The main purpose is to boost efficiency on cryptocurrency trading so you can execute faster, setup account easier, and get more access. As the result, Xtrad will improve the cryptocurrency trading practices. The platform is supported by several high tech features such as API, SPA, XTRD Pro, and XTRD Dark. Those features are used to keep the platform works well just like what the users need and give a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. In the end, Xtrad gives benefits for all users including traders, developers, investors, and all people who want to involve in Xtrad platform.
**Vision and Mission **
Most people thought that using cryptocurrency is a complicated thing to do. This new currency involves new technologies and definitely it increases the cost. The developer is trying to break these assumptions and to make sure that Xtrad is an easy to use and affordable platform to use. The platform helps all activities related to cryptocurrency including crypto currency exchange becomes decentralized and automatic. In long term, there will be more and more people who want to use cryptocurrency to support their daily activities along with the help from Xtrad platform. Xtrad offers three different products to solve various types of problems related to the use of cryptocurrency.
The Advantages
Xtrad is trying to give benefits for all users. As a trader, you can make faster trades because the database has faster connection. This platform is using the latest protection system and it reduces any kind of serious risks during the transactions and exchange. Investors get more benefits because Xtrad is able to increase the liquidity of cryptocurrency. This platform keeps investors confident to save cryptocurrency as a long term valuable investment. The system allows you pay low fees and do more exchanges. Definitely, you don’t need to worry about the security system because Xtrad is using several systems to protect your privacy. Read more on the whitepaper
The high performance can’t be separated from the platforms. Let say, Xtrad is using FIX API to connect all major cryptocurrency exchanges. You are also about to use a platform with SPA or Single Point of Access for Exchanges to reduce liquidity problems. There are also XTRD Pro and XTRD Dark which provides you with direct connect to the desktop and start trading and see your trading partner.
Token Information
To accommodate easy cryptocurrency exchange, Xtrad is using specific token known as XTRD tokens. You can get this token through trading, fees, and many more. XTRD tokens are ready and legal to use with the support from the Ethereum blockchain. XTRD tokens are used as a payment medium in any kind of services provided by Xtrad.
Token Details
Token Name : XTRD Tokens
Token price : 1 XTRD = 0,10 USD
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
Minimum ETH Contribution: 10 ETH
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