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Nowadays, the ordinary advertises and users face challenges in terms of internet use. Many have been facing difficulties to get internet connection due to various reasons. Some places across the world has no available mobile internet connection while other places have only the locked WiFi network that only those authority can have access. Meanwhile, some other places that already have fast mobile internet still face challenges such as limitation on speed and the maximum track. As a result, to afford the LTE internet in roaming can cost very expensive price.
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What is World WiFi ?
Committed to give innovative solutions for the limited and unavailability of mobile internet connection across the world, World WiFi proposed and created the first decentralized WiFi network available for free. This network is based on private routers of which most of them are residential. While the router owners allow other guest users to use excess broadband capacity, they get paid in the form of cryptocurrency.
The ones who make the payment to the router owners are the advertisers. These advertisers will have their ads viewed by the guest users as they use the internet for free. And the router owners receive the payment for each ad impression. Built by the community, the World WiFi definitely offers a win-win solution for everyone. Visit the official website (
Vision and Mission
The World WiFi program has particular vision and mission to make sure everyone has access to internet connection. Today, for variety of reasons, internet has been considered a significant matter in everyone’s life. Not only does it act but also facilitate almost every aspect of people’s modern life. In fact, the society has viewed internet as one of the person’s civil rights. This view has been supported by UNHCR resolution condemning the states that restrict and block residents’ access to internet. Yet, there are still 4 billion people across the world with no internet access. Read more on the whitepaper
With the revolutionary proposed solution for greater internet access to anyone across the world regardless of location, there are various advantages available to be obtained.
  • World WiFi makes free WiFi access possible in residential area across the world using the private routers. At the same time, it stimulates the free internet access sharing in high traffic areas such as restaurants, sports grounds, bars, cafes and playgrounds
  • World WiFi project allows free WiFi access regardless of location where the guest user is only required to view 10-15 seconds of advertisement
  • World WiFi platform offers token accrual for actual advertisement impressions. As the router owners display ads within their network, they are able to earn the cryptocurrency.
  • World WiFi project allows advertisers to target the potential audience according to social media profile, age, gender, location, search history and ore else.
  • World WiFi allows the advertisers to monitor their account development and statistic results. All ad impressions and histories will be recorded on blockchain so there will be no room for fabrication.
World WiFi Platform
Using the blockchain-based platform, the World WiFi platform comes as user friendly and simple platform. It takes only few simple steps for the router owners to establish guest network. With the platform, anyone has chance to connect to the WiFi internet access provided by router owners.
World WiFi Token
As other blockchain-based project, there will be a token sale for certain period of time. In this World WiFi project, the token sale will start at April 18th 2018. The number of tokens to be sold is limited. There will be only 600.000.000 WeTokens issued in the sale and the unsold tokens at the end of the sale will be destroyed.
Token Details
Token Name : WeTokens (WT)
Token price : 1 WT= $0.30 USD
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
Token Sales
Token Issued : 600.000.000 WT Tokens
Token Sold : 258.000.000 WT Tokens
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