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The development of information and technology is very rapid for these recent few decades. The simplest examples are computerization and internet. Both things tend to ease the users to do any activities. However, it is surely not as easy as it seems without the presence of certain platforms to support those activities.
As an example, it is when you need to connect and share with other people about the skills. Maybe some of them need people with certain skills and you have them. Vanywhere is then a platform that enables those two sides to interact each others. Visit the official website (
About Vanywhere
Technically, Vanywhere is probably almost the same with any other social media. However, it works in both more personal and professional ways since the connections are done peer to peer. More than that, with the instant connections between people look for and offer skills, the results are also personalized.
There are numerous skills that can be transacted through Vanywhere including those related to education, language, science, law, fashion, culinary, and many more. This platform also provides some features like phone and video call. Besides, it is supported by the token-based business model to let the members spend less commission.
Vision and Mission
In this world, not all people were born with so many skills. This is the main reason why that we should help each others. Unfortunately, this matter cannot be done easily due to some factors including the distance and of course the fact that they don’t know each others. The presence of internet and some social media out there are indeed helpful enough to solve such problems. Since they still don’t work optimally, Vanywhere is created anyway.
People with skills who join this platform are divided into two; professional and influencer skillers. Professional skillers refer to the professionals and experts who are really capable in their fields. Meawnhile, influenced skillers are those people who are known as the social media influencers with many loyal followers. So, which one is between them to be chosen? It is based on the necessities of the seekers for sure. Read more on the whitepaper
There are many advantages for everybody who joins it. First of all, it is clear that both the seekers and skillers have chances to interact and find what they need more easily. Second, this platform is really easy to use and set up. Just make sure to install it on your Smartphone and any other devices. Third, Vanywhere gives guarantees that this platform is really safe and secured. It means that there is no chance for cyber crimes like scam and fraud to be involved. Then, the last is that both sides are able to negotiate the cost without they are felt disadvantageous.
Vanywhere tend to give all parties more benefits because of the application of Blockchain. Blockchain is a system that is decentralized so that the transaction can be done peer to peer completely without the third party. Despite it is more secured, there is no too much commission to be leaked to the other parties. This way; the seekers can spend less money as well as the skillers can get more money.
Token Information
Despite providing some Cryptocurrencies as the media of transaction, Vanywhere has its own smart VANY token dealt with the QTUM QRC20 standard of token. Since this token is used for any payment within the Vanywhere activities, true utility and value are implemented here. This way, it can be more beneficial for the parties involved; they are the seekers and skillers. Meanwhile, the token sale details are as follow;
Token Details
Token Name : VANY Tokens
Token price : 1 VANY = $0.05 USD
Token Protocol : QTUM QRC20
Token Sales
Total Supply : Y 800,000,000
Cap : $20,000,000
Token Sale Date : Announced Immediately
Vanywhere TEAM
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