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Global travel is a fast growing industry. As the world becomes more interconnected and transportation technology keeps developing, travelling to the other part of the world, either for business or vacation becomes very easy. Among all the travellers, it is reported that almost 70% of them are youth travellers—the group of travellers that care about technology the most. Since it is predicted that the number of youth travellers will grow significantly in 2020, travel industry must gear up to meet what youth travellers demand. Tripago, is developed with that in mind. It brings blockchain technology into travel industry to give better experience for the travellers and also help this industry grows even more.
About Tripago
Tripago is a blockchain based decentralized travel platform. Carrying a tagline of “One coin solution for every travel needs”, Tripago aspires to be a one stop platform that can provide everything a traveller needs. With this platform, travellers will not find any troubles travelling to another country, especially regarding payment. Visit the official website
Tripago is developed to ensure a more pleasant experience for the users. While other travel app only can help with booking hotels or recommending places to visit, Tripago aims to be more than just that. Tripago also wants to help travellers enjoy their journey when they have arrived in their destinations. With Tripago in hand, travellers can easily exchange currencies, use Tripago card to make payment anywhere and they also don’t have to face a hard time looking for internet connectivity. Tripago will take care of all those problems so that travelling will be more convenient than ever. Read more on the whitepaper
Best Features of Tripago
  • Privilege Card
    Tripago will issue a privilege card for every user. This card can be used in any ATM and also can be used to make payment in offline stores that accept debit or credit card.
  • Mobile App and Website
    Users can use the mobile app and website to find best deals and also book hotels and other accommodations.
  • Tripago Token
    TPG, Tripago token, is a useful utility token. It can be used to obtain all services provided by this platform from booking hotel to pay for other services. Since travel industry will continue growing and the needs of blockchain based is highly needed, TPG will not be a token that fades away a month or two after the ICO is completed. The value will continue growing, which will give more benefits for the coin holders.
Token Information
Tripago’s token is called TPG. The company will issue 1,000,000,000 token and 40% of them will be available for public sale through the pre-ICO and ICO process. TPG is a utility token that can be used to obtain all services provided by Tripago. Those interested to obtain Tripago token can join the pre-ICO that will be held from April 2nd to 20th 2018 and the ICO at April 27th to May 27th 2018.
Token Details
  • Token Name : TPG
  • Minimum Investment : 0.25 ETH and Maximum Investment : 15 ETH
  • Funding Option : ETH/BTC/LTC/BCH
  • Total Supply : 1 B
_ Token Sale_
  • Token For Sale : 400 M
  • SOFT CAP (5000 ETH)
  • HARD CAP (25000 ETH)
1 ETH = 16000 TPG 100% BONUS
1 ETH = 12000 TPG 75% BONUS
Tripago is not just another travel app. It automates every process related to travel from ticket booking to payment system. Overall, this platform is exactly what the travellers need to make their world travel experience more convenient.
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