Tradingene Best ICO 2018

What is Tradingene TNG ICO?

Tradingene, found online at, is a platform where users can build and test their trading strategies to create trading robots.
If your robot is a top performer, then you’ll be granted capital to trade with. The platform is free for anyone to use.
As a developer, you can build trading robots on Tradingene using popular programming languages like Lua and Python. As an investor, you can purchase trading robots through an auction system. Developers place their trading robots up for auction, then users make bids. All bids are recorded on a blockchain.
The Tradingene TNG ICO tokens are scheduled for March 2018. An early alpha of the platform is available online today at

How Does Tradingene Work?

Tradingene works like this for developers:
Step 1) You design and test a strategy (i.e. a trading robot)
Step 2) Tradingene selects the best trading robots and allocates trading capital to these robots
Step 3) You monitor your robot’s trading performance and receive your share of the profit
The platform supports well-known programming languages, including Lua and Python. Users can also choose from a range of instruments and indicators when building their strategy.
If you create a trading robot, then Tradingene lets you keep the copyright and intellectual property of that trading robot. Tradingene has no rights to use your trading robot without your permission. It’s all outlined in the end user license agreement.
If your robot can demonstrate that it sustainably makes a profit, then you might want to put the robot up for auction. Investors can bid on robots to generate profits using their own real capital.
On the investor side of things, investors can browse Tradingene to find the best trading algorithms. The creator of the platform describes how the platform’s goal is to “become an Uber on the algorithmic trading market.”
Investors and algorithm makers will interact with each other through the Tradingene auction system. An algorithm creator will put an algorithm up for auction, place a deposit (the deposit is non-refundable if the strategy turns out to be unprofitable at the end of its minimum investment period, which is specified by the creator).
Investors participate in closed auctions, and they make bids for algorithms that suit their needs. The bids are entered onto the blockchain in real-time. Tradingene analyzes all bids, then identifies auction winners. The terms between the investor and the algorithm creator are then fixed in a smart contract, which makes the terms unalterable and uncensorable. All bids are disclosed at the end of the auction process.

Tradingene Features

Tradingene advertises all of the following features:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple instruments and indicators
  • Gain access to trading capital if you design a good robot
  • Intellectual property protection
  • High speed connections to exchanges
  • Online support

Benefits of Tradingene

What’s the point of Tradingene? Here are some of the advantages of the platform:
  • You don’t need to deal with technical problems like communicating with the exchange, receiving and processing data, and sending orders
  • You can entirely devote yourself to the development of trading strategies instead of focusing on technical problems
  • There’s no risk of losing your money because Tradingene provides all trading capital
  • It’s a free platform where you can develop, research, and test your trading strategies
  • Investors can access successful trading strategies made by independent developers

The Tradingene TNG ICO

The Tradingene TNG ICO is scheduled for March 2018, although a closed pre-sale is open as of December 2017.
You can purchase TNG tokens during the Tradingene TNG ICO. TNG tokens will be used to pay fees for platform services. They’ll also be used to assign VIP status (you’ll receive VIP status if you invest more than $30,000 into the platform during the ICO). VIP status will provide users to various platform services for free or at a highly discounted rate.

Who’s Behind Tradingene?

Tradingene was created by Daniel L. Wolfe (CEO and Co-Founder), Roman Burtsev (Development & Co-Founder), and Sergey Kuzmin (COO and Co-Founder).
The project began development in Q3 2014.

Tradingene Pricing

Tradingene will have two different subscription models, including a free subscription (Basic Modeling Package) and a paid subscription (Advanced Modeling Package). Prices aren’t listed in the Tradingene whitepaper at this time. However, here’s what’s included with each subscription:

Basic Modeling Package (Free)

  • A basic set of modeling tools using programming languages like Lua and Python
  • Access to historical market data
  • Online training based on the company’s proprietary materials and courses
  • Stipends and incentive programs

Advanced Modeling Package

  • Unlimited access to algorithmic modeling tools and CPU time
  • Access to non-market data
  • Capacity for highly complex calculations
  • Advanced analytical options
  • Webinars
  • Participation in auctions

Tradingene TNG ICO Conclusion

Tradingene is a free development platform where users can build, test, and monitor a trading robot. If your trading robot is a top performer, then it may be selected to manage real capital.
To learn more about the platform, visit online today at An alpha version of the platform is currently available online. The ICO for Tradingene, meanwhile, is scheduled to begin in March 2018.

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