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Have you ever thought about how to get money through the information you provide? Coming in various forms, information can be either science, experience, views, experiments on a subject, or self-made work. As long as the information is useful to the person accessing it, it does not seem to matter if we (the content creator) get rewarded for it.
The latest innovation comes from one of the social news platforms Sapien. By joining Sapien, we can share information with each other and get paid for it. All Sapien contributors are considered content creators, and through which they are expected to appear exciting content that is interesting to be viewed and read by other users. We will give out more information about Sapien, so keep going.
How Sapien Works ?
Sapien offers several features that integrate its use of ERC-20 regulations. Given these regulations, Sapien users can use the currency they earn in the Sapien system (referred to as SPN). By having SPN, there are two main activities that are possible to do, which are exchanged in the ERC-20 system through a digital wallet that the user has, or redeeming it with social action in Sapien system such as posting information, voting, commenting, and many more. Visit the official website (
The interesting thing about joining Sapien is the freedom of expression in expressing the information we have. The sharing actions we do in Sapien are also protected because of their commitment to protect user data from being exploited. Sapien also believes that in providing information, all users have the freedom of speech whatever their views or values they have.
Due to the system that frees the user, Sapien entrusts to the users intelligence to discuss each other and devote their thinking to the information. Not only that, you can also make arrangements on the information they receive and get a unique social experience. Read more on the whitepaper
With a system built on that view, making Sapien a business platform as well as a vibrant social community. By giving or reviewing a post (providing comments or suggestions, voting), you will gain a reputation from the users and get the SPN from the activity.
Some of you may be afraid of the possibility that the Sapien community (which has the value of freedom) will be damaged by irresponsible people. This is where response from various users are become important, because when a users rating is low, then they will not get SPN and incur losses.
Somethings You Can't Get Anywhere, Except in Sapien
The first, of course, is infinite information. You can share anything without restrictions. Imagine getting information you've never heard of before, and how that information creates ‘the new you’. In addition to purchasing content, you can also make money in Sapien that you can redeem in the ERC-20 system or use it in Sapien.
Now you can imagine that the community within this platform will never die. There are several other special things that Sapien has to offer in its sharing platform. In Sapien, you can make yourself anonymous, because Sapien allows you to move between public and private mode.
To protect the data of its users, Sapien uses encryption technology, so that all personal data and communications carried out on their platforms are strictly protected. Sapien also provides live-chat features, add-friend features, group formation among users, and even users can also subscribe to other users.
Sapien Contributors
Previously we have discussed about Sapien contributor commonly referred to as the content creator. Actually contributors are not just classified as content creators only. There are at least five types of users predicted by Sapien to be roaming on their platforms. They are :
  • Creators, users who usually post original content they have (articles, videos, pictures, etc).
  • Curators, which users typically do reviews on other users posts.
  • Freelancers, users who rely on Sapien in making money (in the form of SPN), luckily, each of their income is not charged by Sapien.
  • Developers, Sapien opens opportunities for technology experts to provide feedback, suggestions, or create good-impact applications for Sapien.
  • Media Companies, as partners, they work with Sapien to contract, build business models, or deliver advertisements.
Token Information
Token Details
  • Token Name : SPN Tokens
  • Token price : 1 ETH = 6000 SPN
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Accepted payment : ETH
Token Sales
Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH
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