Repux Ico Review Best ICO 2018

The RepuX data monetization platform will create interesting opportunities for small businesses and investors wishing to participate in the sale of tokens. RepuX is a high-level protocol where data providers and consumers can share data and make a profit. The platform will depend on the efficiency of data exchange and will build a system for assessing quality and reliability. In the creation of a high-quality and decentralized protocol, the developers of the platform will use technologies such as: InterPlanetary File System (or IPFS), Sia, Ethereum, EOS b and plans to switch to customized blocking.
The platform will use the feedback system. Thus, users do not have to worry about the quality of the data and will be sure that the data they purchase costs this money. Each transaction made on the platform will be assigned a rating.
The sale of RepuX tokens will end on April 5, 2018. The company's maximum goal is to raise 33 100 000 million US dollars. Soft cap is 1,000,000 million US dollars and it has already been reached. At each stage of participation, investors acquiring RepuX tokens will receive bonuses in the amount of 30 to 10%.
Token RepuX is created according to the ERC20 standard and is supported by any etherium purse. With the help of a token, platform participants will be able to make payments within the platform and will have access to the data. The RepuX Token is the only means of payment and can be purchased using a currency, etherium or bitcoin.
Only accredited investors can participate in the sale of tokens, the poet will need to provide information about his status. Also, investors without fail, will have to undergo the KYC procedure. the company complies with all norms of anti-money laundering legislation.
All collected funds will be used to create and develop the project. Until June 2018, the company plans to introduce tools for creating decentralized enterprise applications, making the protocol accessible to developers.
 For more detailed information about the project and the terms of participation, I recommend to visit the links below:
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