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Find the best talent in specific field in entertainment business is difficult. As audience, you may only see the polished and performed-ready product on the stage. However, before those great artists can show what they can do, there are long and hard road that they need to conquer. It’s not surprising, when someone who has great talent has to bury her/his dream because they can’t finish the journey on this road. However, it seems this will change with MDL Talent Hub project.
About MDL Talent Hub Project
MDL Talent Hub project is a project that was created to solve all problems in talent scouting process. This project will work for the talents and company that scout them. MDL Talent Hub also uses Blockchain as its platform to provide their service. When you hear about Blockchain, you must be able to imagine the effectiveness that you can get from this technology. Plus, there are also many other benefits you can get, from freedom to transparent and fast process. Therefore, this project, if it’s successful, we can say it will change the face of talent scouting industry. Visit the official website (
Vision and Mission
A world where talents can really be appreciated for their hard works and skill is what MDL Talent Hub team want, when they want to create this project. The fairness concept of Blockchain technology has ability in realizing this vision. Talents can show who they really are and what they can really do. More than that, the technology is also wished to be a way to connect entertainment business and talents much easier and more transparent. Therefore, there is no another wasted talent case happen anymore in the end.
The main mission of this project is providing a simple method that everyone who has special skill, talents and such, to promote themselves. The Blockchain technology can do that, because the application or program that was created using this technology is easier to operate. You don’t need to have specific skill to use it. So, this will give equal chance for talents to get job and being recognized all around the industry and even the world. In the end, this project was planned to bring better life for talents.
The Advantages of MDL Talent Hub
For talent scouting company, this project will give them a tool that can save more time and money for finding the best talents that they want. MDL Talent Hub has best searching feature that will connect this company with right talent with qualification exactly like what they want. More than that, the process to find them is required small amount of money and even free, if you see that MDL Talent Hub use Skyledger technology as well. Basically, this project will be able to turn this business into much better condition.
For talents, MDL Talent Hub is a gate to better life. With this system, they can easily promote their talent and find someone or company that will hire their skill. The best of all is the transparency in Blockchain-based system. That means the talents can avoid for being scammed by irresponsible party. Read more on the whitepaper
Token Information
The tokens are used as currency to buy, sell and doing other activity within MDL Talent Hub environment. The token is called as MDL Token. On ICO event that was started on March 24th, 2018, they release 400 million token you can buy. You can only buy the token by using ETH, BTC, Wave and SKY cryptocurrency.
Overall, MDL Talent Hub is interesting project. By looking at what it offered and can do, we can say this will become best solution that this industry was looking for. So, we just need to wait until its release date. And, on that moment, who knows, if this project can bring big effect in this business.
Token Details
  • Token Name : MDL Tokens
  • Token price : 0.05 USD
  • Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
  • Payment Accepted : BTC, ETH, Waves, SKY
Token Sales
  • Token Supply : 1,000,000,000
  • Token For Sale : 400,000,000 MDL
  • SOFT CAP :10,000,000 USD
  • HARD CAP : 18,400,000 USD
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PRE-ITO [12 dec, 2017 – 31 Jan, 2018]
ITO [10 Mar, 2018 – 10 Apr, 2018]

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