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As you know that we face some Traditional Invoice Financing Problems, they are :
  • The merchant and the purchaser may plot or plan together to cheat the lender.
  • The merchant may issue a receipt for an administration that has not been completely finished or an item that does not consent to concurred determinations or necessities.
  • The purchaser may debate the installment obligation.
  • There are additionally issues with the many-sided quality of the procedures and the legitimate documentation included. The planning and execution of authoritative archives is difficult and expensive and may include various outsider suppliers.
  • The purchaser may wind up wiped out and unfit to pay for the solicitations.
  • The merchant, in rupture of its concurrence with the lender, may train the purchaser to pay for the solicitations specifically to them and not restore the assets to the agent.
The key issue with traditional invoice financing is that the financier acquiring a invoice from the dealer and propelling the assets against it doesn't have an immediate association with the purchaser. The agent exclusively believes the data gave by the dealer. As an outcome, the connection between the merchant and the purchaser isn't totally straightforward to the financier, and in this way uncovered the financier to a significant danger of the invoice not being paid as concurred or debated.
What is Invoice Financing?
Customary receipt financing depends on a financier purchasing invoices from the seller. Consequently, the financier consents to progress monies to the dealer against each invoices. The buyer2 who bought the seller's products must pay the invoices specifically to the financier.
What is Invox Finance?
Invox Finance is a platform which brings transparency to the Invoice Financing concept. It’s built using the Blockchain technology which makes it transparent and paperless. Not only does it bring openness, but it also comes with great features which makes invoice financing less risky and more profitable to all the parties involved. Let’s check the features to know more about it. if you don't mind visit our website ( for the most up to date data on our team.
How will Invox Finance Platform solve the problem?
The Invox Finance Platform is a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information. The platform aims to create a trusting environment by facilitating transparency between parties and rewarding performance.
This platform will disrupt and revolutionise traditional invoice financing by implementing a system where trust and transparency between all parties is developed through an in-built reward system.
In addition, the execution of transactions and flow of information will not be dependent on one single centralised service provider, but instead governed by a transparent set of rules executed on a fully distributed ledger. Read more on the Whitepaper
Why Should Invox Finance ?
  • Decentralised Platform
    The Invox Finance Platform will permit venders, purchasers, financial specialists and other specialist co-ops to straightforwardly interface, associate, share and convey data.
  • Lower Rates for Sellers
    Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower interest rates than those normally received from traditional financiers who operate outside the blockchain.
  • Dynamic Invoices on a Distributed Ledger
    Dynamic invoice supply for all gatherings with the capacity to refresh receipt data in realtime, guarantee changelessness and oversee touchy data get to.
  • Bringing All Parties Together
    The Invox Finance Platform keeps up trust and straightforwardness between all gatherings through permissioned access, confirmations, and an in-fabricated reward framework.
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Invox Token will be created on the Ethereum Network. With the Finance system, the company will be launching a token of its own called as Invox Token. It’ll be given to buyers and sellers as a reward for verification of transactions. It’s also essential for the sellers to have an Invox token to access the Invox Finance platform. The sellers will have to pay a certain amount of them for a yearly membership.
The company also is launching an ICO, the purpose of it is to pre-sale the membership through the sale of Invox tokens. You get the tokens at a discounted price for participating in the ICO. For more details, you can check the website:
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For more info, feel free to visit :
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