ImmVRse Best ICO 2018

If you are looking for a token with sharing platform to inspire you to produce the perfect VR content creators for you via online, the IMMVRSE token can be the best choice.

About IMMVRSE Token

The IMMVRSE token is a kind of encrypted and decentralized VR content with a lot of choices to help you earn more income. The company’s goal is to develop market place for creators of VR content. It comes with smart contracts as well as payments based on blockchain. This IMMVRSE comes with interesting offering to its followers. It provides a platform with revolutionary system to allow the company to get content creator in easy, fast and good manners.

The IMMVRSE Token Vision and Mission

With the positive growth of the company, the IMMVRSE token targets to become a giant industry with $110 billion value in 2025. Joining in the token will make it possible for every creators of VR content to show and develop their talents. Moreover, the creators will be hired and get payments in turn by using the tokens arranged by IMMVRSE. The smart contracts developed by the company are established on specific foundations of blockchain. This will make it possible for you conduct transactions with secured and encrypted system. The securing system is created to provide defense structure which functions to avoid cyber – attacks or other security threads might occur in the future. Read more on the whitepaper

The Benefits of Joining in the IMMVRSE Token

For its followers, there are a lot of benefits they can get from joining in the IMMVRSE Token include:
Smart Contracts

The smart contracts applied by the IMMVRSE token can benefit much to its followers. With the blockchain foundations used in the contract, the IMMVRSE is able to provide secure transactions. Thus, there is nothing you should be worried about cyber – attacks that mostly threaten digital VR content creators.
File Distribution System

The next benefit you can get from IMMVRSE Token comes from the file distribution system applied. The network storage distribution system is especially designed for blockchain. This will allow the token company to make data duplication and remove it. in addition, it also makes it possible for the company to use mirror technique that is very useful to help them replicate signatures.
Applying Engine with Decentralized Retention

The IMMVRSE Token also applies engine with decentralized retention. The engine is specifically designed to create a balance supply circulation of the company’s tokens. By using the decentralized retention engine, it will allow the company to stabilize volatility which is often unpredictable.

The Platform Used and Detail of the Token

The IMMVRSE Token uses distributed and encrypted platforms. So, how does it work? First of all, the promoters will purchase the tokens to pay for the promotion. The profits resulted will be divided and distributed to the producers of the content. The users of the platform will then get IMVs as a payment if they watch the videos shared. Then, the watchers of the videos can choose to use IMMVRSE wallet to store their payment, or they join in the exchange to sell them. The creators of the content will keep staying at the ecosystem’s center. The entire transactions conducted by the creators within the ecosystem will be instantly encrypted and validated by the smart contracts applied in the IMMVRSE. This makes it possible for the ecosystem will work without the involvement of third party. There will be the help of financial controller needed in the run of the ecosystem. But there is one thing you should remember that it is only videos flagged by the watchers to be verified and validated by the central moderators.

Token Details
Token Name: IMV
Platform : Ethereum (ETH)
Type : ERC20
Token price : $ 0.2 + bonus
Minimum investment: $ 50
Softcap : $ 5,000,000
Hardcap : $ 20,000,000
County : United Kingdom
Token for sale : 33% ( 300,000,000 IMV)

Quarter 4, 2017
MVP Under Development
Quarter 1, 2018
Launch of Marketing Campaign
Quarter 2, 2018
PR and Roadshow
ICO Launch
Token Released in Exchanges
Quarter 3, 2018
Team Expansion in EU and Asia
Marketing Campaign for ImmVRse DApp
Quarter 4, 2018
Office Extension in EU & Asia
ImmVRse Alpha Launch
Quarter 1, 2019
ImmVRse Ecosystem Setup
Continued Research and Development with partners – Imperial College London and Kingston University London
Quarter 2, 2019
ImmVRse Token DEVCON
ImmVRse Full Version Launch


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