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DIW is a decentralized personal identity service that enables registered account holders to securely store and access sensitive encrypted data using the power of a blockchain network. The age of information technology has seen great use of the Internet. The Internet has grown to become a platform for the solution dedicated to a variety of challenges, and as such, data is generated, accessed and shared on the Internet on a daily basis. This information ranges from password to confidential data. This has increased the concern of Internet users about the security of the data people create, store and share on the Internet. This is due to the activity of hackers who can intercept transactions, hack into the database of institutions and individuals. There are also concerns about file corruption, the presence of intermediaries within our transaction chain increases the likelihood that data security will be compromised.


Secure Digital Vault
DIW enables the secure storage of sensitive information such as identification documents, passwords, bank and credit card account information, KYC or KYS related documentation, validated wills, as well as other valuable digital data within a secure, private and highly encrypted decentralized platform. The platform will also allow its account holders to securely share some or all of their data.
Payment gateway for Crypto and Fiat Currency
It provides a pioneering and secure means for website owners to accept payments, in any major currency, fiat or crypto, using the decentralized, single sign-on DIW platform. DIW's Payment Gateway, will be an easily integrated payment system for many e-commerce websites, including those offering open source CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.
DIW Global Directory
DIW plans to introduce a global directory where account holders, whether individuals or organizations, can list their services and expand their reach. The directory will have an intelligent rating system that will increase trust and transparency among account holders.
Paid trust
Another main feature of the DIW platform is the intelligent contract-based custody service that will safeguard transactions between the parties. DIW's paid escrow service will be simple to use but, at the same time, sophisticated and intelligent, ensuring that all transaction conditions are met before funds are released.
The Vision | Electronic Health Records
It would be an omission of the whole project to ignore the critical need for security in relation to electronic health records. Our vision is for DIW to embrace this industry by enabling encrypted storage and secure exchange of personal EHRs between account holders and laboratories, pharmacists, physicians or other healthcare professionals with the additional option of using intelligent contract technology that is already present in the DIW network.


Users can connect to the network anonymously.
Access to a Secure Digital Vault.
Store digital data as:
Electronic medical records.
and crypto-currency.

The advantages of a decentralized community

Efficiency and speed in transaction processes.
Absolute freedom to make transactions through all forms of currency, digital or fiat.
Unique access to an endless door.
Access to the support services of a large global community.
a secure peer-to-peer protocol that distributes sensitive data.
Maximum transparency for the account owner by assigning a hardware portfolio.
All this will be very easily accessible through the DIW infrastructure, protocol and services.
simply by creating an account. 

Route Map


 DIW                                                          symbol
Pre-ICO                                                     06/03 - 20/03/2018
ICO                                                             27/03 - 10/04/2018
Supply of DIW tokens                            1 000 000 000 000
Tokens for crowdfunding                      700 000 000 (70%)
Hard Cap                                                  28,000,000 USD
ETH                                                           Participation
Standard token                                        ERC-20
Decimals                                                   18
Unsold Tokens                                        will burn.


Stephanos Constantinou CEO and Co-Founder
Christopher Zenios Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Simon Zenios Legal Director
Lucas Andrew H. Chief Financial Officer
Crisantos Nonis Director of Technology
Steven Nonis Solidity Developer
Michael Jakobsen Software and Block Chain Consultant
George Zachariou Senior Security Officer
Anton Bogdanov Cryptographer and application developer
Nikolas Konstantinou Network Manager
Constantina Samara Senior Web Designer
Ben Boyadjian Director of Analysis
Christos Kyriacou Business Development
Masha Soboleva Manager of the Russian Community


Simon Cocking World-Class Locking Chain Expert
Dinos Pastos Safety and Chain Blocking Specialist
Stelios Stylianou Author | Pro-Trader
Artur Oganov Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor
Sydney Ifergan Crypto Community Expert Advisor at ICObench
Alaa Mohra International Marketing Expert

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