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Traditional financial transactions (through banks in general) always leave two points, namely interest charged on the services of a bank as a third party and the data of the transactors. This creates problems and protests from customers. The traditional centralized banking system raises the underlying problem of who really controls our personal money? Is it the bank that we trust or ourselves.
Unlike the traditional bank system, Datarius Cryptobank creates new things in the banking system and its processes. Following the P2P structure, Datarius Cryptobank seeks to showcase a friendly, cost-free, and transparent banking experience for each of its customers. Everything is done by assuming all customers as private users, not as an institution.
Datarius Cryptobank Ambitions
The existence of traditional banks that prolong transactions between customers or users causes financial flows to be hampered. Bridging the problem, datarius cryptobank provides a platform where all people can access all features of financial transactions using P2P systems. Through this, problems such as time and cost from customers or users are believed to be solved. Visit the official website (
Why use P2P has good impact on customers?
This is because the use of P2P systems provided by datarius cryptobank will end in the freedom of its customers. With no cost to the transaction, no payroll fees to bank staff, nor the cost of borrowing. Customers can experience a more profitable transaction through the datarius cryptobank service.
What is the Difference of Datarius Cryptobank with Traditional Banks?
If a traditional bank tries to monopolize the market by getting as many customers as possible, the datarius cryptobank does the opposite. Taking into account the quality of service as primarily, the datarius cryptobank adopts the best functionality of traditional banks. They also remove bad services owned by traditional banks, such as minimal transparency, information discrepancies, administrative cost burdens, and favoritism to some customers. Read more on the whitepaper
Compared to using conventional methods, the use of cryptocurrency facilitated by datarius cryptobank yields several advantages. First, the use of cryptocurrency that leads to blockchain results in transparency of transactions and the security of information owned by each datarius cryptobank customer. Secondly, with cryptocurrency (which requires no control of the datarius cryptobank and in line with decentralized structures) creates a safer and efficient transaction process for the customers.
The different from traditional banks, datarius cryptobank brings new things in running the banking business. All people can become datarius cryptobank customers regardless of where they come from. Customers can also use fiat money transactions, not just cryptocurrency transactions. In addition, by using public API (Publicly Available Application Programming Interface), users can access any other type of service they want using datarius cryptobank.
Datarius Cryptobank Advantages
There are several advantage points in using datarius cryptobank, including:
  • The release of credit cards, with this feature, customers can use it wherever they are and no need to fear the legality of the cards they hold. In this case, datarius cryptobank has worked with several partners and this card is already using personal IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
  • Insurance in transactions and exchange of digital assets made possible through the datarius cryptobank.
  • Friendly instructions to new customers, where orientations will be given to them online and provided step-by- step.
  • Datarius also creates mobile apps for android users and Ios, thus making it easier for them to make transactions anywhere. Without fear of the security system, the datarius also prepares a mobile digipass where users will be confronted with two-factor authentication codes to ensure the security of transactions.
  • In addition to seeking membership in VISA and Mastercard payment facilities, datarius also tries to integrate its services with instant money transfer system such as westernunion, moneygramm, etc. This is in accordance with the datarius ambition to facilitate customers to make transactions with any currency.
Token Information
Token Details
Token Name : DTRC Tokens
Token price : $0,01
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
Token Sales
  • SoftCap: $1,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $51,000,000
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