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Most of the social media platforms available now cause people to have less privacy over their life. BuzzShow comes with interesting platform for those who love to create video content and wish to earn more money from it. BuzzShow offers you with revolutionary platforms to enable you to share video contents but still you have control over them. How will the token company be beneficial for you?
About BuzzShow
With the growth of digital technology, there are more people create interesting video content and share it to public via online. The BuzzShow sees this opportunity well and provides perfect media where people can publish their video content on internet. The token company is a complete developed reward with a system based on network of social video. The followers of the company are given Goldies Tokens reward due to their contribution in producing, curating, publishing and watching videos available. The decentralized platform provided by the company will make it possible for the users to get privacy and have full control to every space for their social media videos.
By joining in this company, all users will have opportunity to publish video content they have created and they will get reward because of that. The token company uses platform with new type which is not only decentralized but also secure. The platform of the company itself is powered by both the curators and creators of the video content. Based on the popularity that the users get from the video content they share, there will be Goldies (crypto currency used by the company) as rewards. By using the decentralized platform provided by BuzzShow, it will be possible for the users to make their social videos to be the most popular ones in the world.
How Does the BuzzShow Work?
The BuzzShow will work for you in some ways.
For Video creators
Video creators involved in BuzzShow will receive reward in the form of Goldies each time they share their video content in the channel provided by this token company. Not only that, the reward will be also given to the users each time the videos are viewed by other people.
For the viewers, they can use the cryptocurrency they get from the BuzzShow anytime they want to watch video contents available in the company’s channel. The crypto currency or the Goldies can also be used when they want to pay for ad free subscription, VOD, or the other parties involved in the company’s system.
If you are an advertised and wish to contribute in the company’s operation, you can buy ad space provided by using the Goldies you have.
Video Curators
Just like viewers and creators, the curators of the video content will also get their reward for their active contribution in the company. The reward will be in the form of BuzzShow’s cryptocurrency too. The reward will be given to them each time the video they share via their own channel is viewed by people.
In order to decentralize the storage of the video content have been created, the BuzzShow is having partnership with other companies of decentralized storage. The users will get payment for the video they store in the company’s personal space.
Circulation Mechanism of the BuzzShow Ecosystem
There are some mechanism in the circulation of Goldies within BuzzShow Ecosystem. First of all, all the advertisers who want to join in the company should buy the Goldies in exchanges that use ERC – 20 token standards. All the Goldies bought will be used to pay the space they need to advertise their products. After that, they have to make a deal with the video creators available so that the advertisements can be put o the videos by curators.
Each the video shared by the curators is watched by people, they will get reward along with the creators from BuzzShow. Then it will be the turn of viewers to get their profit. They will also get Goldies each time they videos that contain advertisements. The nicest thing about joining in the token company for viewers is that they can use the payment they have got before to pay subscription with premium level available in the platform. Read more on the whitepaper
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Token Information
Token Details
Token Name : GLDY Tokens
Token price : 1 GLDY = 0,25 USD
Token Protocol : ETH / ERC20
Token Sales
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