you think you know all about whats trendy on 2015 think again2

have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen and you think 2015 maybe the perfect time to start ?before you start thinking about hiring pro's you should take a look on whats trendy and your kitchen set up and how do you like your space to look like and you should read more and more about kitchen designs. it will inspire you and it will for sure make your new design wroth the while .
 we can help you right here to get to the perfect image of your kitchen make your kitchen wish list ready cos you might find your dream kitchen design right here i lately caught up with three designers who shared their vision on what trendy and gave me good ideas about what will be the biggest trends of 2015 they also offered their advice on how you can use these ideas to make your kitchen look bigger .
St.Clair Kitchens 2015 Kitchen Design Trends Predictions:-
modern traditional :-that style marry both modern and traditional style you can find both elements in it . you can find that the traditional style is hot for 2015 experts have been saying that the traditional style is homey and will reflect your own style because you can change any element in it and you can combine it with other elements to produce a different style like here .
this trend has it all we can add new elements and different elements we can use classic doors profiles such as shaker doors for example and you can mix material such as stainless steel with wood wood with marble.
 there is nothing better than that . shaker has been the most popular for 2014  the big difference between this year and the last year is that we can add classic elements and the finishes .and wood is trendy for doors in 2015 and the island will tend to be darker than the last year . im already seeing that wood is going to be a hit and more and more people are wanting to add wood to their designs .
 statement ceiling :-people normally dont look up when they are taking a look at a kitchen but this year they should because there will be serious changes in terms of shape features etc.the lighting will be different bulkheads or coffer ceilings, or the addition of classic embellishments . the ceiling will be a place to look at again and you will notice its beauty .
 this will be done according to your budget and it will be in every modern house people now are tending to have cabinets to reach all the way to the ceiling .that makes you feel that the kitchen is bigger because it forces you to look up .its going to be trendy for 2015.
different texture: a lot of people will be using more textured ma trials and tactile can use granite and marble in finishes as well as engineered stones and a lot of material will be used in next year .
the contemporary styles seems to be trendy this year .will began to see wooden designs with its nature form .people are tired of using the glossy smooth finishes and thats is going to be a change for the better .
timeless styles will be trendy for 2015 a lot of people will want to keep things traditional and will use the wood with its natural color and texture .
shaker style cabinets are not a new trend . and its still an important in kitchen designs . we are telling people to stay away from the ordinary cabinets and focus on inset cabinets .you can find yourself a cabinet maker that will change the doors style for you as you like .So by adding a bead around the outside edge of a door or changing the edge profile on the inside of the door we can achieve the overall look of a shaker kitchen but create something more custom and unique for our clients
 tribal tones:-
vivid color tones:-
i dont like all white kitchen in general i dont prefer one color in anything .vibrant hues are trendy this season .Vibrant yet dusty shades of mustard yellows, deep scarlet, royal blues and dirty pink hues may be used in place of primary colors
this will be surprising in the new year's trend most of the kitchen designed in 2014 were white with dark island white kitchen will always be popular however we are seeing now that red and blue are trendy in colors .in 2015 i think we will take those trends and make them popular and add them to the cabinets . and island will be a good place to add the color red or blue or whatever pops up.
luxe metals:-
luxe metallic:-you can always find silver stainless steel and chrome in kitchens next year different metals will be added like gold ,copper and bronze .their glowing will make a diffidence
people are looking for whats new when it comes to color and when it comes to finishes and they look for the stunning accent to most palette choices
copper and bronze finishes are getting trendy this season .

Furniture Style
designers are predicting  that  this season furniture-style cabinetry and other features will be preferable in 2015 .this approach consider that the kitchen is suppose to be that worm space where families gather and enjoy a good meal and talks and it doesn't consider the kitchen a col or only a functional place .
this is a preferable trend this year .its not the best trend because people have been doing this in the high end homes for year .luckily there are new affordable cabinets lines .making new trends like this always make you feel that the kitchen is the heart of the house .

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