tips and ideas for glamorous kitchen

kitchen is where the family gather over food and talk and connect  its where everyone eat their Christmas launch and when family are sharing their secrets  you should have a practical kitchen. most people care about aesthetic but not about functionality from  the shelves to the place of your bin here are some ideas you should think about when you are design your kitchen 64.
A breakfast bar
this breakfast bar is a good way to split the living room  from the kitchen while keeping an open living environment a mother can cook and in the same time watch her kid friends can set a have a glass of water while they watch their hosts cook .

bin location:
the bin is not only for food scraps its also used for the house rubbish that we throw through the day so its important to put it bin place where its comfortable foe everyone and easy to access .i think you should put it on the end of the island ,make it closer to the entrance this is how you throw something while you  are passing rather than getting into the kitchen and disturb whoever inside

5. Powerpoints in the cupboards
we don't store our appliances like the toaster and the kettle on the kitchen bench whats preferable this days is to hide them away in the cupboard you need to have electric sockets in your cupboard so you can find a place to plug in your appliances you should add more than one socket because we are using more and more appliances every day there is the coffee machine,mix master and food processor So install two double sockets so you can have all your appliances working at the same time if you need them to

the most amazing trends of 2015
kitchens are the most important and crowded  part of the home, it's filled with people all the time as they come and go preparing their Meals during the day , this year we have seen some wonderful kitchen trends are the top six of 2015:

waterfall islands
there is no Doubt that kitchen islands benches have a great value ,but this trend has surly it's own beauty, it can create the illusion of space that doesn't Exist.

remarkable ceilings
ceilings are becoming a  special features and pivotal points of the room .Be creative with your walls and add mirrors to help you to enlarge your home and give it  more space to shine on . it's expected that next year ceilings will reach greater heights.

marvelous marble
this year marble is a hot trend not only for kitchens but also for the entire house , white marble has it's own charm it's hard to feel like it's ( old fashioned)  .you can try marble hexagons as a splash back .this trend is timeless so it's safe for your kitchen to not look outdated .

terrific tilesor
tiles have been big in 2015 . designers are creative about all kinds and shapes Especially hexagon and diamond .the herringbone pattern is gaining popularity . it gives an elegant and sophisticated  touch to your kitchen walls .

fabulous accessories
accessories have the ability to add warmth ,this trend pushed people to be more creative with light fittings ,stools,and colors .kitchen lighting is also in the spotlight .concrete and light oak timber pendant lights have been a big feature this year

 color block
people are becoming more bold with their choices for the kitchen design we are slowly moving away from all white kitchen and try more colors ,if you like to play it  safe you can try light grey or taupe match well with the stainless and appliances while injecting some warmth into the kitchen color .

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