dazzling small kitchen tips just for you:-

do you have a small kitchen ?that doesnt mean you shouldnt have a good design thats even mean you should be more creative to make it matchful to your taste .
here are some tips for how you can make your small space into your perfect space .with a mixture of charm and functionality

whats the main purpose of the kitchen ? cooking and making meals so you have to focus on this thats what you should go for try and make it best for you .make other parts of your house for your chores and other tasks thats the wayb to make your kitchen  a free -stress area  and more functional kitchen .you should focus on the perfect appliances and the space to allow your self to have small but functionning kitchen  innovative appliances pint-sized microwaves ,small two burner stoves and single sinks are beautiful and functionning ways to handle your small space .

combine materials :-
 your small kitchen might look boring if you dont  add intersting materials you should combine cabinetry ,countertop surface ,fixures ,flooring ,lighting and color to make your kitchen more intersting .you should try more than one material and do your homework to make the best of your kitchen

glass is your small kitchen's best friend
 adding glass wi ll make your kitchen look bigger its one of the easiest ways . glass can be added through installing glass cabinet doors,glass counterdoors tabletops and kitchen doors this is the best way to visually expand your kitchen .tile  can always make you feel more expansive  and add more luxury and class .

beautiful flooring
we tend to look down where we walk when we get into a room .so you should be creative when it comes to kitchen's flooring .you can choose an intersting pattern or design or color will add that wow fact and will not make people notice the size of your kitchen  you might add an expensive  element in your kitchen like mosaic tile flooring to add that wowo factor and make your kitchen pop .

if you are about to design or remodel your kitchen and you dont have a big budget you can always find companies for free consultation

homeowners loves the idea of doing make over for their kitchen it create a stylish ,comfortable , and efficient heart of the home . the remolding magazine shows cost vs value . mid-range minor kitchen remodels,appliances ,hardware have average cost just shy of $ 20,000 .
we can't deny the Importance of the aesthetics , doing research and tour is a start to show houses and rooms closely, decide the budget according to your priorities with basic elements of design.
tips for planing your kitchen
kitchen Ranging from  200-300 square feet and are growing part of an open -floor plan.for ideas search for design books, magazines , and websites and don't forget to look for the kitchen planner by the national kitchen bath association(nkba) .
here are some tips to help you  :
*decide the usage of your kitchen ,the way you cook do you have a partner or alone and you should also be aware of your kitchen purpose. is it a room where kids play ,friends and family like to hang out define what suit you and what don't .
*surly it's time to get rid of everything you don't , then put your plan according to that .Luckily cabinet makers are aware of the storage , organization forms and how they raise sales . the respond was Decisive according to it .
*set budget ,you need to decide your Expenses according to your priorities so ask yourself what's the most important and needed . here is some notes you should be aware of: you can expect appliances and ventilation can be 14% of your investment cabinetry and hardware run about 29%, installation is about 17% of the total project cost .

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