come and take alook we have whats trendy for 2016

"do you want to remodel  kitchen and you want to   make it look good  or may be you are building a brand new home  or may be you want to  update few details in your kitchen decor .before spending any money on  your new  kitchen take a look at this beautiful designs"

here is a picture gives you glimpse at the hottest kitchens of 2016  's kitchen designs  styles
Transitional Style:- this kitchen design is classic  here is many  classic items in this kitchen  the kitchen faucet is beautiful for its traditional style the whole theme is transitional because of the contemporary items like the modern kitchen island .
farm house style here is a kitchen thats an example of the farm house kitchen
you can see the hard wood floor in the kitchen in the past tile and linoleum were  popular surfaces for kitchen flooring nowadays they still popular in the most modern areas  wooden floors have taken over tile as the most popular type of flooring in the kitchens .
the white color is still dominating in cabinets in 2016 like it used to be in the past .
Transitional Style — Many of the elements in this kitchen are classic  in style. For example, the Moen kitchen faucet is noteworthy for its  traditional styling. However, the overall design theme of the kitchen  is transitional thanks to the inclusion of some contemporary elements,  like the up-to-date kitchen island
shaker style kitchen :this style has so many things in common with the transitional style it shares some common  characteristics such as clean, simple  lines and an uncluttered appearance.
3. Contemporary Style Kitchens
in 2015 the transitional style won the race perfectly over contemporary style however according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association the contemporary style was a  close second to transitional style in demand we hope in 2016 there still be a strong demand for  contemporary style kitchens
4-traditional style  is  still there :-
we all know that the traditional style has been dominating for a long time but it declined in popularity in 2015 people has been wondering will it go away i dont think so .There’s still plenty of  demand for it, and iti wont disappear in the future there is still people who wants the traditional design many older homes that were built in the traditional style we have to wounder will they upgrade or will they build   a new contemporary style home . but i think they will choose to remodel instead.
if you are building a brand new home or you are looking for styles to choose for your own kitchen  or you're searching for ideas to remodel your kitchen here is somethings to be aware of :-
you should look for a design to to match with the rest of your home and it should be harmonious than it is for  your home to be upgraded with all the latest trends for example if you are remodeling your farm house it doesn't make any sense to remodel it  with ultra-contemporary furnishings.its desirable  for you to use the traditional style .

6. Gourmet Kitchens

a lot  of homeowners want to have everything in their kitchens to cook healthy meals gourmet meals they should be aware that will take a lot of money so they should be making space in both their floor plans  and their budgets for this

7. Home Offices,Work Stations  and Docking Stations and in the Kitchen
the national kitchen and bath association confirmed that home office space has been created in most of new kitchen that have been designed by their members  approximately two-thirds of them.  This space is also likely to include a docking station for recharging  mobile devices.

the lack of of use  the traditional kitchens:
remodeling older kitchens in 2016 many people
exchange their kitchen tables with kitchen island or counter space
pub tables ,tall gathering and counter height tables are popular choices for 2016 . these table are  sorted by their height : its ranging 36 to 42 inches tall, which is taller than the standard kitchen table height of 30 inches

9- open floor plans

although open floor plans aren't new . the trend  still preferable for

kitchen color trends for 2016 :
white kitchens
10- white is the most chosen color for kitchens especially for kitchens cabinets and the other kitchen elements include the white appliances and til backslashes.
grey kitchens
11-not only grey is preferable in kitchens but also in every room in the home in 2016,  it's trendy choice for the kitchen decoration .

black kitchens:
black is appearing in several kitchens , many designers  are betting on black to be the most preferable color for kitchens in 2016. due to the darkness of all black kitchens it's proper to add another lighter color such as pale gray or alight grayish blue .
blue kitchens
a set of blues are trendy in 2016  , and they're all convenient in decorating the kitchen, navy blue and
lighter blues are Fabulous addition to complete the look.

14-color blocked kitchens
two- tone color and color blocked kitchens were popular in 2015 ,and it's prospective to remain favorite in 2016 as well .

15- shaker style kitchen cabinets -it's known for it's simplicity and also the lack of sophistication. the shaker style is the best choice for those who seek for the natural beauty of wood and  also clean look and white painted cabinet .these cabinets usually have simple recessed centers, and the lack of ornate molding . this type of cabinet is suitable for any style of kitchen .it can look modern ,traditional ,contemporary depending on the hardware you choose and other surrounding elements

framless European -style kitchen cabinets -this sort of cabinetry is known for the Ease of access and the lack of frame .

17- pullouts and roll outs for kitchen cabinets-decluttering is a  perfereable trend in 2016 pullout make you fel more organized and getting a beautiful look for example i n the old days  you might have been putting your kitchen knives on the kitchen counter in 2016  you can find a knife kitchen organizer built into a pullout for your kitchen cabinet it doesn't make your counter crowded any more.
18.lazy susans in the cabinet ;-it will help you to find  find things in hard-to-reach places.
open shelving -it has many usages it will help you save time and see the stored things in your cabinet you wont need to search for hidden things anymore.
there is a disadvantage   here that you need to keep the place clean and tidy all the time if you are going to use it think twice .

highly preferable kitchen appliances for 2016
cook top and wall oven combination :-a lot of people are embracing them and they are getting more and more .

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