2012 and 2013 have beautiful desings for kitchens

are you trying to remodel your kitchen here we are giving you ideas on how to remodel your kitchen according to 2012 trends

we consulted few experts on how to update your kitchen they gave us few tips .the kitchen design is unlike fashion lasts longer you should make your design better when it comes to form ,function and style if you dont intend to spend a lot of cash here are few ideas on how to remodel your kitchen with a small budget :-

trend :-updating using color:-
i have been to the UK trying to find out whats new and i saw for sure more color that because  of the economy because using color is one of the cheapest ways to remodel a kitchen .paint can make a full change in your kitchen .
and painting shouldn't be only painting the walls you can also paint your cabinets
and the good thing about it is that you can do it by yourself without hiring someone .

you can use this season colors like red orange and citrus shades like orange lemon  and lime thats when it comes to appliances its not something you should avoid you can add a splash of color to your kitchen to make it fun and friendly because its where families gather around meals and they talk .

trend :the streamlined kitchen:-
our trends are changing according to our taste and they reflect our way of living cooking eating and entertaining .the trend now is to find a place in the cabinet for your appliances you should install a double socket to find a place for all your appliances thats what they do in the extremely modern kitchen in the modern houses all that just to make your kitchen looks neater simpler and more comfortable
TREND: Mixing and matching with stained-wood and painted-wood cabinetry
you dont have to choose  between stained kitchen or painted kitchen well, you can have both .we can use grey-wash stain on walnut cabinetry, mixed with white shelves,"
whats new also is the high gloss paint . but you shouldn't use it too much  because it will be distracting so you should use it on small things like the frame of the cabinet as well as on gables and any open shelving with the remain cabinetry being stained
you can also buy stainless steel appliances  ,mosaic backslash, thick stone counter top that will make your kitchen look its best .

here are few trends for 2013
white cabinetry

white is the new brown the white color has jumped in popularity  from 47 percent to 60 percent its on the top since last year al ot of people have been using the white color for their cabinetry
Darker Finishes
using dark finishes is a trend in 2013 but before that there were the light medium and natural finishes people uses the light finishes by 30 percent medium finishes by 54 percent and dark finishes by 55 percent the use of glazed finishes has increased by 48 percent this year.
glass back-splash:-
people have been using glass a lot in the past 3 years in their kitchens its 64 percent this year and the usage of tile  was popular last year it dropped 5 percent to become 59 percent in the last survey  while the usage of ceramic or porcelain tile kept its position on the top for 3 years in a row

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