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2012 and 2013 have beautiful desings for kitchens

are you trying to remodel your kitchen here we are giving you ideas on how to remodel your kitchen according to 2012 trends

we consulted few experts on how to update your kitchen they gave us few tips .the kitchen design is unlike fashion lasts longer you should make your design better when it comes to form ,function and style if you dont intend to spend a lot of cash here are few ideas on how to remodel your kitchen with a small budget :-

trend :-updating using color:-
i have been to the UK trying to find out whats new and i saw for sure more color that because  of the economy because using color is one of the cheapest ways to remodel a kitchen .paint can make a full change in your kitchen .
and painting shouldn't be only painting the walls you can also paint your cabinets
and the good thing about it is that you can do it by yourself without hiring someone .

you can use this season colors like red orange and citrus shades like orange lemon  and lime thats when it comes to appliances its not something you should avoid you can add a splash of color to your kitchen to make it fun and friendly because its where families gather around meals and they talk .

trend :the streamlined kitchen:-
our trends are changing according to our taste and they reflect our way of living cooking eating and entertaining .the trend now is to find a place in the cabinet for your appliances you should install a double socket to find a place for all your appliances thats what they do in the extremely modern kitchen in the modern houses all that just to make your kitchen looks neater simpler and more comfortable
TREND: Mixing and matching with stained-wood and painted-wood cabinetry
you dont have to choose  between stained kitchen or painted kitchen well, you can have both .we can use grey-wash stain on walnut cabinetry, mixed with white shelves,"
whats new also is the high gloss paint . but you shouldn't use it too much  because it will be distracting so you should use it on small things like the frame of the cabinet as well as on gables and any open shelving with the remain cabinetry being stained
you can also buy stainless steel appliances  ,mosaic backslash, thick stone counter top that will make your kitchen look its best .

here are few trends for 2013
white cabinetry

white is the new brown the white color has jumped in popularity  from 47 percent to 60 percent its on the top since last year al ot of people have been using the white color for their cabinetry
Darker Finishes
using dark finishes is a trend in 2013 but before that there were the light medium and natural finishes people uses the light finishes by 30 percent medium finishes by 54 percent and dark finishes by 55 percent the use of glazed finishes has increased by 48 percent this year.
glass back-splash:-
people have been using glass a lot in the past 3 years in their kitchens its 64 percent this year and the usage of tile  was popular last year it dropped 5 percent to become 59 percent in the last survey  while the usage of ceramic or porcelain tile kept its position on the top for 3 years in a row

come and take alook we have whats trendy for 2016

"do you want to remodel  kitchen and you want to   make it look good  or may be you are building a brand new home  or may be you want to  update few details in your kitchen decor .before spending any money on  your new  kitchen take a look at this beautiful designs"

here is a picture gives you glimpse at the hottest kitchens of 2016  's kitchen designs  styles
Transitional Style:- this kitchen design is classic  here is many  classic items in this kitchen  the kitchen faucet is beautiful for its traditional style the whole theme is transitional because of the contemporary items like the modern kitchen island .
farm house style here is a kitchen thats an example of the farm house kitchen
you can see the hard wood floor in the kitchen in the past tile and linoleum were  popular surfaces for kitchen flooring nowadays they still popular in the most modern areas  wooden floors have taken over tile as the most popular type of flooring in the kitchens .
the white color is still dominating in cabinets in 2016 like it used to be in the past .
Transitional Style — Many of the elements in this kitchen are classic  in style. For example, the Moen kitchen faucet is noteworthy for its  traditional styling. However, the overall design theme of the kitchen  is transitional thanks to the inclusion of some contemporary elements,  like the up-to-date kitchen island
shaker style kitchen :this style has so many things in common with the transitional style it shares some common  characteristics such as clean, simple  lines and an uncluttered appearance.
3. Contemporary Style Kitchens
in 2015 the transitional style won the race perfectly over contemporary style however according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association the contemporary style was a  close second to transitional style in demand we hope in 2016 there still be a strong demand for  contemporary style kitchens
4-traditional style  is  still there :-
we all know that the traditional style has been dominating for a long time but it declined in popularity in 2015 people has been wondering will it go away i dont think so .There’s still plenty of  demand for it, and iti wont disappear in the future there is still people who wants the traditional design many older homes that were built in the traditional style we have to wounder will they upgrade or will they build   a new contemporary style home . but i think they will choose to remodel instead.
if you are building a brand new home or you are looking for styles to choose for your own kitchen  or you're searching for ideas to remodel your kitchen here is somethings to be aware of :-
you should look for a design to to match with the rest of your home and it should be harmonious than it is for  your home to be upgraded with all the latest trends for example if you are remodeling your farm house it doesn't make any sense to remodel it  with ultra-contemporary furnishings.its desirable  for you to use the traditional style .

6. Gourmet Kitchens

a lot  of homeowners want to have everything in their kitchens to cook healthy meals gourmet meals they should be aware that will take a lot of money so they should be making space in both their floor plans  and their budgets for this

7. Home Offices,Work Stations  and Docking Stations and in the Kitchen
the national kitchen and bath association confirmed that home office space has been created in most of new kitchen that have been designed by their members  approximately two-thirds of them.  This space is also likely to include a docking station for recharging  mobile devices.

the lack of of use  the traditional kitchens:
remodeling older kitchens in 2016 many people
exchange their kitchen tables with kitchen island or counter space
pub tables ,tall gathering and counter height tables are popular choices for 2016 . these table are  sorted by their height : its ranging 36 to 42 inches tall, which is taller than the standard kitchen table height of 30 inches

9- open floor plans

although open floor plans aren't new . the trend  still preferable for

kitchen color trends for 2016 :
white kitchens
10- white is the most chosen color for kitchens especially for kitchens cabinets and the other kitchen elements include the white appliances and til backslashes.
grey kitchens
11-not only grey is preferable in kitchens but also in every room in the home in 2016,  it's trendy choice for the kitchen decoration .

black kitchens:
black is appearing in several kitchens , many designers  are betting on black to be the most preferable color for kitchens in 2016. due to the darkness of all black kitchens it's proper to add another lighter color such as pale gray or alight grayish blue .
blue kitchens
a set of blues are trendy in 2016  , and they're all convenient in decorating the kitchen, navy blue and
lighter blues are Fabulous addition to complete the look.

14-color blocked kitchens
two- tone color and color blocked kitchens were popular in 2015 ,and it's prospective to remain favorite in 2016 as well .

15- shaker style kitchen cabinets -it's known for it's simplicity and also the lack of sophistication. the shaker style is the best choice for those who seek for the natural beauty of wood and  also clean look and white painted cabinet .these cabinets usually have simple recessed centers, and the lack of ornate molding . this type of cabinet is suitable for any style of kitchen .it can look modern ,traditional ,contemporary depending on the hardware you choose and other surrounding elements

framless European -style kitchen cabinets -this sort of cabinetry is known for the Ease of access and the lack of frame .

17- pullouts and roll outs for kitchen cabinets-decluttering is a  perfereable trend in 2016 pullout make you fel more organized and getting a beautiful look for example i n the old days  you might have been putting your kitchen knives on the kitchen counter in 2016  you can find a knife kitchen organizer built into a pullout for your kitchen cabinet it doesn't make your counter crowded any more.
18.lazy susans in the cabinet ;-it will help you to find  find things in hard-to-reach places.
open shelving -it has many usages it will help you save time and see the stored things in your cabinet you wont need to search for hidden things anymore.
there is a disadvantage   here that you need to keep the place clean and tidy all the time if you are going to use it think twice .

highly preferable kitchen appliances for 2016
cook top and wall oven combination :-a lot of people are embracing them and they are getting more and more .

do you want to remodel your kitchen here are some ideas

do you know that the small kitchen can look different from one place to another the same cabinets ,appliances and surfacing materials can look different according to the place  because they come in all shapes and sizes and that is  a challenge .if you can afford custom cabinets your choice is greater  Counter top materials already come in a great array of choices, but they can be customized even further with special routing or inset bands of another color or material. that can go for the other elements in the kitchen  even in small kitchens its something you can have.

try to make use of the space first you look around  and try to find the focal point you can start with large window or along wall If you love to entertain and are lucky enough to have ample space, consider setting your room up to include two back-to-back kitchens one full of every
thing and he other one is smaller version or you can fill it with what you couldn't fit in the first kitchen a mini fridge a second sink and you can have an abundance of storage .if you can deam about it then you can make it what ever you dream of its up to you and your team
you can make it as long as you make use of the recommendations in here :-
try to make the distance between he sink and the fridge and the cook top between 12 and 23 feet.
put  your sink in a place between your most used appliances its place may depend on the plumbing lines .
Allow for 36 inches of counter space to the right and 30 inches to the left of the range and sink if at all possible; if not, allow a minimum of 24 inches and 18 inches

you cant position a tall fridge next to built in wall oven you might want to do that but simply you need to find a space for  appliances  on both sides for safety
use lazy susans to make use of the wasted space in the corners and this is a good thing for small kitchens
Try to include a minimum of 10 linear feet of both base cabinets and upper cabinets.

you know conventional cabinets can be convenient  . you can use pull-out drawers rather than reach-in
think about having a barrier-free design and products they can be easier to use for children pregnant women and seniors and people with disabilities .they also can make your kitchen look bigger .
the shape of the kitchen can also make all the difference in world and it depends on the shape of the room you should explore the shapes of different kitchens on the internet or through a magazine

remodeling your kitchen is the best  idea ever
there are so many ideas and tips that make the heart of your home a better place for the family
these ideas will help you to remodel your kitchen
open shelves:-
are you ready to make open shelves instead of cabinets to make space for other things in the kitchen and to make your kitchen feel large you can build your own shelves .
change  your appliances:-
modern kitchens right now are going for  saving energy appliances such as , such as a dual-fuel range with convection double ovens, a high-tech range hood, an ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator
ceilings are important too
 add a color to make the change in your small kitchen and change the texture .,sf
Subway tile backslash in new kitchen design

 use the paint to make a difference:-
come on make your walls your cabinets and the ceiling with val-spar its ecofriendly and inexpensive .
hushshshs:no sound

Install soft-close hinges and glides -- and say goodbye to slamming doors and drawers.

add lights:-
you should add bright lights to the small places to make it look bigger so this is a good thing for small kitchens you can also add control with dimmers .

do it yourself:-
make your shelves mimic the look of the counter tops you can make the shelves your self if you are into making this stuff and you are good with materials
 think about the sink :-
This Kohl-er top-mount, apron-front sink is perfect for remodels -- it requires only a rough cut to existing standard cabinetry, and can be paired with most counter top materials. Top it off with a Delta high-arc faucet featuring a hidden pull-down sprayer. Shop Sinks
make it prettier :-
the most important thing about the pantry is to keep it clean and tidy
make it hot :-
make use of every inch of storage with door mounted shelves .thats how you make use of all the space and thats how you keep the spices close to you and they are perfect for small kitchens .
you can paint yourself a chalkboard on the inside of your pantry its a good place to put recipes .keep a place for chalkboard paint.

label it up :-
you can label your jars  make it easier for yourself to find the jars and the spices you want . you can download label sets from the internet .you can print it and stick it on your jars
save space with wire shelves :-
add wire shelves they make every thing visible and they are good in saving space .
on the floor:-
check the internet for new stunning fresh floors .and you can also check the magazine you can use the tile or wooden floor do it according to the style of your kitchen.

dazzling small kitchen tips just for you:-

do you have a small kitchen ?that doesnt mean you shouldnt have a good design thats even mean you should be more creative to make it matchful to your taste .
here are some tips for how you can make your small space into your perfect space .with a mixture of charm and functionality

whats the main purpose of the kitchen ? cooking and making meals so you have to focus on this thats what you should go for try and make it best for you .make other parts of your house for your chores and other tasks thats the wayb to make your kitchen  a free -stress area  and more functional kitchen .you should focus on the perfect appliances and the space to allow your self to have small but functionning kitchen  innovative appliances pint-sized microwaves ,small two burner stoves and single sinks are beautiful and functionning ways to handle your small space .

combine materials :-
 your small kitchen might look boring if you dont  add intersting materials you should combine cabinetry ,countertop surface ,fixures ,flooring ,lighting and color to make your kitchen more intersting .you should try more than one material and do your homework to make the best of your kitchen

glass is your small kitchen's best friend
 adding glass wi ll make your kitchen look bigger its one of the easiest ways . glass can be added through installing glass cabinet doors,glass counterdoors tabletops and kitchen doors this is the best way to visually expand your kitchen .tile  can always make you feel more expansive  and add more luxury and class .

beautiful flooring
we tend to look down where we walk when we get into a room .so you should be creative when it comes to kitchen's flooring .you can choose an intersting pattern or design or color will add that wow fact and will not make people notice the size of your kitchen  you might add an expensive  element in your kitchen like mosaic tile flooring to add that wowo factor and make your kitchen pop .

if you are about to design or remodel your kitchen and you dont have a big budget you can always find companies for free consultation

homeowners loves the idea of doing make over for their kitchen it create a stylish ,comfortable , and efficient heart of the home . the remolding magazine shows cost vs value . mid-range minor kitchen remodels,appliances ,hardware have average cost just shy of $ 20,000 .
we can't deny the Importance of the aesthetics , doing research and tour is a start to show houses and rooms closely, decide the budget according to your priorities with basic elements of design.
tips for planing your kitchen
kitchen Ranging from  200-300 square feet and are growing part of an open -floor plan.for ideas search for design books, magazines , and websites and don't forget to look for the kitchen planner by the national kitchen bath association(nkba) .
here are some tips to help you  :
*decide the usage of your kitchen ,the way you cook do you have a partner or alone and you should also be aware of your kitchen purpose. is it a room where kids play ,friends and family like to hang out define what suit you and what don't .
*surly it's time to get rid of everything you don't , then put your plan according to that .Luckily cabinet makers are aware of the storage , organization forms and how they raise sales . the respond was Decisive according to it .
*set budget ,you need to decide your Expenses according to your priorities so ask yourself what's the most important and needed . here is some notes you should be aware of: you can expect appliances and ventilation can be 14% of your investment cabinetry and hardware run about 29%, installation is about 17% of the total project cost .

you think you know all about whats trendy on 2015 think again2

have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen and you think 2015 maybe the perfect time to start ?before you start thinking about hiring pro's you should take a look on whats trendy and your kitchen set up and how do you like your space to look like and you should read more and more about kitchen designs. it will inspire you and it will for sure make your new design wroth the while .
 we can help you right here to get to the perfect image of your kitchen make your kitchen wish list ready cos you might find your dream kitchen design right here i lately caught up with three designers who shared their vision on what trendy and gave me good ideas about what will be the biggest trends of 2015 they also offered their advice on how you can use these ideas to make your kitchen look bigger .
St.Clair Kitchens 2015 Kitchen Design Trends Predictions:-
modern traditional :-that style marry both modern and traditional style you can find both elements in it . you can find that the traditional style is hot for 2015 experts have been saying that the traditional style is homey and will reflect your own style because you can change any element in it and you can combine it with other elements to produce a different style like here .
this trend has it all we can add new elements and different elements we can use classic doors profiles such as shaker doors for example and you can mix material such as stainless steel with wood wood with marble.
 there is nothing better than that . shaker has been the most popular for 2014  the big difference between this year and the last year is that we can add classic elements and the finishes .and wood is trendy for doors in 2015 and the island will tend to be darker than the last year . im already seeing that wood is going to be a hit and more and more people are wanting to add wood to their designs .
 statement ceiling :-people normally dont look up when they are taking a look at a kitchen but this year they should because there will be serious changes in terms of shape features etc.the lighting will be different bulkheads or coffer ceilings, or the addition of classic embellishments . the ceiling will be a place to look at again and you will notice its beauty .
 this will be done according to your budget and it will be in every modern house people now are tending to have cabinets to reach all the way to the ceiling .that makes you feel that the kitchen is bigger because it forces you to look up .its going to be trendy for 2015.
different texture: a lot of people will be using more textured ma trials and tactile ones.you can use granite and marble in finishes as well as engineered stones and a lot of material will be used in next year .
the contemporary styles seems to be trendy this year .will began to see wooden designs with its nature form .people are tired of using the glossy smooth finishes and thats is going to be a change for the better .
timeless styles will be trendy for 2015 a lot of people will want to keep things traditional and will use the wood with its natural color and texture .
shaker style cabinets are not a new trend . and its still an important in kitchen designs . we are telling people to stay away from the ordinary cabinets and focus on inset cabinets .you can find yourself a cabinet maker that will change the doors style for you as you like .So by adding a bead around the outside edge of a door or changing the edge profile on the inside of the door we can achieve the overall look of a shaker kitchen but create something more custom and unique for our clients
 tribal tones:-
vivid color tones:-
i dont like all white kitchen in general i dont prefer one color in anything .vibrant hues are trendy this season .Vibrant yet dusty shades of mustard yellows, deep scarlet, royal blues and dirty pink hues may be used in place of primary colors
this will be surprising in the new year's trend most of the kitchen designed in 2014 were white with dark island white kitchen will always be popular however we are seeing now that red and blue are trendy in colors .in 2015 i think we will take those trends and make them popular and add them to the cabinets . and island will be a good place to add the color red or blue or whatever pops up.
luxe metals:-
luxe metallic:-you can always find silver stainless steel and chrome in kitchens next year different metals will be added like gold ,copper and bronze .their glowing will make a diffidence
people are looking for whats new when it comes to color and when it comes to finishes and they look for the stunning accent to most palette choices
copper and bronze finishes are getting trendy this season .

Furniture Style
designers are predicting  that  this season furniture-style cabinetry and other features will be preferable in 2015 .this approach consider that the kitchen is suppose to be that worm space where families gather and enjoy a good meal and talks and it doesn't consider the kitchen a col or only a functional place .
this is a preferable trend this year .its not the best trend because people have been doing this in the high end homes for year .luckily there are new affordable cabinets lines .making new trends like this always make you feel that the kitchen is the heart of the house .

tips and ideas for glamorous kitchen

kitchen is where the family gather over food and talk and connect  its where everyone eat their Christmas launch and when family are sharing their secrets  you should have a practical kitchen. most people care about aesthetic but not about functionality from  the shelves to the place of your bin here are some ideas you should think about when you are design your kitchen 64.
A breakfast bar
this breakfast bar is a good way to split the living room  from the kitchen while keeping an open living environment a mother can cook and in the same time watch her kid friends can set a have a glass of water while they watch their hosts cook .

bin location:
the bin is not only for food scraps its also used for the house rubbish that we throw through the day so its important to put it bin place where its comfortable foe everyone and easy to access .i think you should put it on the end of the island ,make it closer to the entrance this is how you throw something while you  are passing rather than getting into the kitchen and disturb whoever inside

5. Powerpoints in the cupboards
we don't store our appliances like the toaster and the kettle on the kitchen bench whats preferable this days is to hide them away in the cupboard you need to have electric sockets in your cupboard so you can find a place to plug in your appliances you should add more than one socket because we are using more and more appliances every day there is the coffee machine,mix master and food processor So install two double sockets so you can have all your appliances working at the same time if you need them to

the most amazing trends of 2015
kitchens are the most important and crowded  part of the home, it's filled with people all the time as they come and go preparing their Meals during the day , this year we have seen some wonderful kitchen trends ..here are the top six of 2015:

waterfall islands
there is no Doubt that kitchen islands benches have a great value ,but this trend has surly it's own beauty, it can create the illusion of space that doesn't Exist.

remarkable ceilings
ceilings are becoming a  special features and pivotal points of the room .Be creative with your walls and add mirrors to help you to enlarge your home and give it  more space to shine on . it's expected that next year ceilings will reach greater heights.

marvelous marble
this year marble is a hot trend not only for kitchens but also for the entire house , white marble has it's own charm it's hard to feel like it's ( old fashioned)  .you can try marble hexagons as a splash back .this trend is timeless so it's safe for your kitchen to not look outdated .

terrific tilesor
tiles have been big in 2015 . designers are creative about all kinds and shapes Especially hexagon and diamond .the herringbone pattern is gaining popularity . it gives an elegant and sophisticated  touch to your kitchen walls .

fabulous accessories
accessories have the ability to add warmth ,this trend pushed people to be more creative with light fittings ,stools,and colors .kitchen lighting is also in the spotlight .concrete and light oak timber pendant lights have been a big feature this year

 color block
people are becoming more bold with their choices for the kitchen design we are slowly moving away from all white kitchen and try more colors ,if you like to play it  safe you can try light grey or taupe match well with the stainless and appliances while injecting some warmth into the kitchen color .

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