Huawei Watch Black Stainless Steel with Black Stainless Steel Link Band (U.S. Warranty)

As I have mentioned in other reviews, I live overseas, out of the scope of Amazon delivery capabilities, so when I order I have to be certain of what I am purchasing as returning an item is not an easy matter for me. For this, I do a lot of research prior to the purchase and when I come across an issue after the purchase, I do more research before taking any drastic action.
I am not going to comment on the quality, looks, most reviewers here have taken care of that, however I would like to share my experience as hopefully the same could be of use for some considering this watch.

Battery: many have commented on how disappointed they were with the battery performance. Although some could have genuinely received a defective watch, I have found that battery performance is on par with what has been advertised. However, the first two days I managed to drain my battery fairly quickly, but lets be honest, the first days we fiddle around with the watch that it is almost logical for this to happen. We try different watchfaces, we try the always on feature and how the different watchfaces look in ambient mode, we use the wrist movements to activate the watch or read/ hide cards, etc...I have gone through all the process, tried the famous Skymaster watchface, with its priority settings for ambient mode, etc...after ten days, I realized that I (personally) don't care for an always on watchface, I found that the most power saving ambient mode watchfaces are completely unattractive, and honestly having a power consuming attractive ambient mode watchface for the benefit of others (as I hardly look at it and when I do because of the wrist movement I end up activating the bright mode), is really not worth the price in battery usage. So, I use the Skymaster watchface but with the always on feature OFF, and yes I use the wrist movements for activating the watchface and reading/ hidding cards. Under this scenario, and with normal usage I get over two days (+50hs) of battery life. (on a side note about charging any device for the first time, and despite the fact that I might get a fully charged indicator within an hour on the charger, I still leave it on for a minimum of 6 hs, and all my electronic devises have always provided me with great battery life.

Charger issues: the charger is definitely not on par with the quality of the watch itself but it is not that bad. Some have mentioned that sometimes the connector pins don't align properly and the watch did not charge, having read this, it takes just a second to verify that once connected that the charging indicator is on, if it is not, just move the connector slightly sideways and the pins will align.....honestly, for me , no big deal...
As for replacement chargers, it is reasonable to expect that Huawei will soon be releasing for sale separate chargers as well as some OEM chargers will reach the market, along with charging docks, it is just a matter of being slightly patient...

Red Screen: I have not bothered in testing this, as for within the normal usage I have given the watch, I have not noticed this and really going through the test to determine if my watch has this issue would mean for me going through an unlikely scenario...

Vibration: I come from using a Pebble Steel and at first was shocked and very disappointed at how weak and barely noticeable the vibrations were, so I researched and found the app Feel the Wear, and set it up at the maximum level which is three long vibrations. After this I was so happy that I had this app, and this stopped being an issue. But this lasted just a couple of days for me, after 48hs, I began to find the notifications annoying!!! So annoying that I changed the setting down to two long vibrations, but after another day, I went down further to two short vibrations, and even now ten days into it, have been considering removing the app, and going back to the original setting on the watch. In my experience, there has been an awareness curve in getting used to the vibrations, and since, have never missed a single notification. So my suggestion is for all those that feel that the original vibration setting is too weak, please try out this app and its different setting (honestly at the highest level it should be very difficult to miss a notification.)

Health & Fitness: although the watch has some capabilities, this and in my personal opinion most Android Wear watches are really not health and fitness watches. They provide some capabilities like the heart rate monitor (but must be used in a still position), or step counting , etc...but there are more specific devises to manage these requirement, and those provided within the Huawei watch should only be considered for certain reference only.

Screen Protector: For those considering the use of one, this watch has a sapphire crystal, you are more bound to scratch the casing than the screen...and really paying a premium price for certain premium specs as having sapphire crystal and then placing a screen protector kind of defeats the purpose of the same, and unless you plan to rub a diamond against it......really not worth it..

Replacement Straps / Bands: although there are some alternatives out there, I am pretty certain that the strap / band manufacturers will soon catch up and provide many alternatives for this watch.

Factory reset / shut down: Since at the beginning we are all likely to try out different setup's, watchfaces and apps, I suggest that once you have narrowed it down to what might be a definite settings, that you go ahead and do a factory reset and then set up the defined configuration.

Overall: this is a great watch and any issues that one might have at first unless it corresponds to a defective watch, I suggest that some research be made as there are many contributors out there in the different forums that have some experience and are always willing to help.
Inspired by the classic designs of luxury watches, with cutting-edge technology, the Huawei Watch redefines what we’ve come to expect from a smartwatch. Developed as a statement piece rather than a smartphone for your wrist, it combines elegant craftsmanship with Android Wear to deliver a new high-end standard for the category. It’s smart, redefined.

Created using sophisticated materials like a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, cold-forged stainless steel cases, and fine leather and stainless steel bands, the Huawei Watch’s style is just as advanced as its functional features.

Featuring iOS and iPhone compatibility, a compact design, and the sharpest screen of any smartwatch in the market, the 400x400 display delivers notifications, music from your phone, and more than 4,000 apps you can personalize and explore without being tethered to your phone – keeping you connected rather than distracted.

With a variety of watch faces to choose from, it’s ready to pair with any ensemble or occasion. Whether you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, hike up a mountain, or step into an important meeting, the Huawei Watch seamlessly fits any situation while tracking your movement with built-in heart rate monitoring and exercise pattern recognition.

Finally, there is a stylish smartwatch for smart, stylish people.

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