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You have Minecraft. You have dozens of games just like Minecraft. So, another one of those type of games to add to the plate really won’t stand out, and may seem unoriginal, which it really is. But, someone took one of his games that was alot like it, Castle Miner, and added twists and turns into it. After he had finished, it was truly a fun masterpiece to enjoy. It had what most mindless gamers could want- guns, violence, but also still had that sandbox feel to it. Today, I’ll be reviewing CastleMinerZ.
CastleMinerZ logo.
Just by looking at the cover, most people will stupidly already go and buy the game, since it has a zombie and creepy setting in it. However, I usually like to experience a game before buying it. I was introduced to a eerie, quite creepy setting as I first loaded the game.  Dark clouds, thunder, and no joy to be seen anywhere. There was even a gun in my inventory, as well as other tools. I liked it, as strange as that may sound. After examining the place a little longer, I noticed that despite that, this game was defiantly one like Minecraft. everything was in blocks, and could be destroyed. So, as  I would have in Minecraft, I went down to a tree to gather some wood. I then began digging my house in the side of a mountain, when then it came- a disturbing moan or yell of a zombie. It was animated and made quite well, and actually made me raise some goosebumps since it was the first time. It dashed at me, but luckily my pistol helped me out. I could tell this game was pretty good, so I went ahead and bought it with my cheap 240 MSP.
After buying, I unlocked multiplayer and unlimited singleplayer. Being a person that likes to try out everything in a game, I went to multiplayer, and hosted a server and began to play. I discovered many things during that time. Of course, I had heck loads of fun, this being my first time playing the game. Here it is all in more detailed terms of speaking.
A creepy setting? Heck yeah.
After exploring a bit further away from the spawn point, I soon  found out that it wasn’t always in a setting of valleys. Because there are different biomes (different areas with their own resources and look), in different locations from the spawn, each with its own feel, look, and new challenges and things to uncover.  I haven’t gotten to all of them, but the ones I have visited each looked alot different from the other ones and had lots of cool new things in them. As an example: I’ve been to the mountains, it had lots of ore in them and was a great place to build a watchtower! The snow biome was fun, too. It had a new snow dragon, which didn’t breathe flames- it breathes ice.
Zombies for everyone!
A game can’t just have one enemy. Many cheap indie games do. Some throw in only two so that they won’t at least have just one. But this game will not bore you with one enemy all the time. There are not only zombies with each their own look and ability along with skeletons with bows and arrows, but there’s also a dragon.  Yes, can you imagine? This may sound like a challenge, but it’s more fun than it actually is work. I don’t know why, but shooting down a dragon and then collecting its treasure, or maybe even just hiding in your house watching the dragon’s failed (or not) attempts to destroy it, is just so much fun. And like I said earlier, when you kick in more creepy and different zombies along with it, the game means nothing but more challenge. Each day they get harder to defeat. And top it all off, I’ve heard there’s more monsters coming soon!
This game has guns that can be crafted.
As I had said, this game is alot like Minecraft. You have to mine and craft to survive. But, I really like this game’s style of mining tons more. Caves mean darkness. And that usually means zombies. It’s a challenge to gather even the simplest ore in a cave since there are always zombies trying to eat you in the back, so it’s always a good idea to put your friend or whoever you’re playing with to go on guard and kill all enemies while you mine the ores. After gathering enough supplies from the cave, you can use them to craft more materials or tools, such as stronger pickaxes or different guns such as the AK-47 or just simply upgrade them depending on what resources you have. And oh yeah, don’t go to deep, or you’ll fall into hell. This is a really neat biome. It’s the lowest point underground, has its own new zombies and dragons, and once you’ve fallen in it’s a one-out-of a million chance you’ll make it out alive.
I also like how you can change your gamemodes before you start a match. So if you’re tired of fighting zombies and dragons and want to just play, you could select freebuild mode. Or if you’re feeling the exact opposite and want to fight more monsters like dragons, you could select dragon endurance mode (I think it’s called that). No, there isn’t just one gamemode. There’s multiple choices for you to select!
This game is awesome, gave me tons of fun for the first few weeks I played it, but then it gets boring. But for 240 MSP, it’s a pretty fun game that you will enjoy for sure if its your first time. This game gets:

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