Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Crack Only Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Crack Only

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 returns to its roots with the emphasis on the individual skills of the world’s best players and giving the player the total freedom to play any style of ball, to any teammate, anywhere on the pitch. It is the most faithful re-creation of modern day football to date.
Enjoy the authentic football experience through a variety of modes. You can play as a team to win various cups, experience the football player life (Become a Legend), manage your team to become true champions (Master League), and join the excitement of many more challenges through both offline and online features.

Key Features:

PES FullControl (PES FC): Never before has a football game offered such a level of control over the way it is played
  • Dynamic First Touch: PES 2013 introduces subtle ways to receive the ball, from traps, gently lifting it past an attacker to run on to. First touch is everything and players can trap the ball using the R2 button, killing the speed of a well-hit pass and bringing it instantly under control, or using the momentum of the pass to turn a defender. 
  • Full Manual Passing and Full Manual Shooting: PES 2013 offers fully manual passing and for the first time ever manual shooting, allowing users to determine the height and power of each. Skill and precision are needed to master these, but passes can be made into open areas, allowing lone strikers to thrive, while offering an unrivaled variety in ways to score.
  • Goalkeepers: Even the game’s keepers benefit from more control, while their distribution is more precise thanks to the addition of a power gauge when they throw the ball, creating opportunities for new, quicker counter attacks.
ProActive AI: ProActive AI unites the control and realism, with players that will respond and find space as befits those at the top of their game
  • Balance of Play: The ProActive AI system enhances the attack/defense balance elements, proper zonal movements to the defending unit to remove bunching in all areas, setting a harder to beat defensive line, and allowing for quicker counters from the wing-backs.
  • Tactical Precision: The balance of play has also been enhanced in the play between defenses and the front line, with greater organization as the teams track back or pelt forward. This means players are set up to exploit space with quick counter attacks. 
Player ID: Player ID focuses on the individual elements and movements that each player boasts
  • Player Individuality: The very best players in PES 2013 will be instantly recognizable with incredible likeness and signature attributes to match the running motions, abilities, playing styles, and the flicks and turns that bring them to life. The way they run, turn, trap, move the ball, shoot and even celebrate will be noticeably different during play. This level of realism extends to midfielders, defenders and even goal keepers who will move, track back and fling themselves mimicking the exact styles of the real thing, while strikers will shape a shot just like their real-life counterparts. 

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